How To Submit Your Product

  1. Complete our Online Application and pay the appropriate fees (shown below).
  2. Send one sample of each product to the address on the application.

Submission Fees:

Entry Fee: $195.00 per product (this fee is fully refundable if you are not chosen)
Basic Multiple entry: $500.00 for up to three distinct products (this fee is fully refundable if you are not chosen)

Submitting more than 3 products? Contact us for a special quote.

Awards Deadlines:

We work on a rolling submission basis. It typically takes between 4-8 weeks from submission to publication. If you are not chosen, your submission fee is refunded. If you are chosen, you will receive an email with award seal and details of promotion.

Basic Entry Perks
Winners Receive FREE

  • Beautiful high-resolution award seal to use on all marketing materials, social media, printed materials and your website.
  • 250×250 image + 150 words of text about your product on the website.
  • Links from to your web site
  • Winners list lives on Parents’ Picks Awards website forever
  • Possible brand exposure through editorial on          

Payment of Entry Fees
Entry fees may be paid by credit card, PayPal or check. Nominations will not be processed until payment has been made. Please pay using this link if you have one submission:

Please pay using this link if you have 3 products to submit:

Notification Process
Announcements will be sent via e-mail to the contact listed on the entry form.

Submission Guide

The products accepted are not limited to the categories shown on the site. We welcome thoughtful suggestions and ideas.

Please Note: Product evaluations and scoring specifics, except for voluntary review highlights, are proprietary and will not be released. Product submissions will not be returned.

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