Top 5 Best Preschool & Elementary Music of 2018

What do you do with a toddler who sings constantly? Well, you try to nurture that passion by signing him up for music and singing classes, play a wide variety of music, sing together every chance you get and generally try to expose him to as many good sounds as possible. If you’re tired of Wheels on the Bus, and you are ready to start researching a robust and growing genre of music specifically produced for kids that won’t become annoying to grown ups after the 100th listen, we’ve got a head start for you.  Below is the list of the Top 5 Best Preschool & Elementary Music available in 2018. This list is ranked in no particular order and all are guaranteed to get the whole family jamming.

In order to be a Parents’ Picks Award Winner, these products go through a rigorous approval process with over 50 criteria, including thinking skills, character building, engagement, ease of use, innovativeness, quality, durability, and creative thinking. These products come highly recommended and we hope you will love these award winning elementary school products as much as we do. With over twenty applications, we took extensive time with each product to whittle it down to our top 5 picks. Here are our 2018 Parents’ Picks for the Top 5 Best Preschool & Elementary Music Products in 2018.



Move, Move, Move
“Move, Move, Move”, a new CD by Vincent Nunes, encourages and inspires children to incorporate active play with learning. Studies show that the development of physical skills enhances mental skills, academic and social. This fun and catchy collection of original songs from a multi-award winning music specialist provides early learners a solid foundation for developing those skills.

“BUCKET Of Wow! the third solo album by Stephen Michael Schwartz, proves once and again why he is considered by parents, pre-schoolers and peers, to be among the elite singer/ songwriters in the specialized genre of, “children’s music”.
BUCKET OF WOW! features Stephen’s exceptional ability to capture in a song, the joys of life, the gratitude of living and a sincere understanding of a child’s perspective on the world around them.
These beautifully crafted compositions will elevate kids to great heights…but not too high that a child can’t reach up and take hold of their own Bucket Of Wow!

Wonderful You
“Adored by a legion of families nationwide, award-winning independent children’s musician Vanessa Trien and her band The Jumping Monkeys showcase their special brand of acoustic folk-pop with a world flavor on ‘Wonderful YOU,’ a 12-song album for kids and families released in late 2016. This is Vanessa’s fourth album for families since her debut in 2005.

Musically vibrant and diverse, with guest spots by kindie music luminaries Alastair Moock, Rani Arbo, Barbara Brousal, and Mister G (Ben Gundersheimer), ‘Wonderful YOU’ has an underlying theme of “community.” The album gives a musical hug to the listener – YOU – as it celebrates neighborhoods, family, and friends coming together to play, work, live, and of course, sing and dance.

Just Be You! Children’s Music Album – Just Be You! Is a new Children’s Music Album featuring the lovable Nirks puppet characters. The album is filled with fun, educational and entertaining songs that families will love! Each song has a sing-along version too! Their featured Single, “I’m Me,” is for anyone who ever feels like it’s tough to just be yourself, especially when other people don’t understand, are mean to you, or even think you’re just plain weird! All of the Nirks are unique and quirky (like all of us) and celebrate being different, special and (especially!) weird. 

The Little Rockers Band, “Who Needs Rhythm” Album

Inspired by a child’s life experiences, these Teaching Artists pick special moments from the children they interact with daily at their music classes and concerts to create songs tailored just for them. For this collection the band wanted to introduce kids to different rhythmic styles found in a variety of genres besides the Rock & Roll they usually gravitate towards. Like the different personalities in the band, each of the songs on WHO NEEDS RHYTHM? has a unique and fun musical perspective that will capture the imagination of any music lover big or small.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the 2018 Parents’ Picks for the Top 5 Best Preschool & Elementary Music Products in 2018. We’re proud to call these products the best of the best in 2018!

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