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Did you know that a whopping 95% of a child’s cognitive development takes place by the time they’re five years old? Verbal and nonverbal communication is such a critical piece of a child’s development. That’s why it’s so important to assess their needs early and work on any potential issues while the child is still young. The Speech Blubs app will help any parent by providing a free screening assessment of their child’s speech skills, along with a detailed report on any potential issues. Then, the app prescribes a series of content lessons that help children build their speech and language skills around various concepts, including colors, numbers, shapes, and creative sections for songs and rhymes.

The app also has more than 1,500 original video stories featuring real children which makes this app the next best thing to real-life, face-to-face interaction.

The Speech Blubs app is interactive, educational, and fun tool that helps pre-school kids jump start their speaking. This SLP-approved app is based on the science of mirror neurons and video modeling to get kids speaking along with face filters, stickers, educational videos, etc . Parents also like it because it offers quality smart screen time. Speech Therapists (SLPs) recommend it because parents can: engage with their child, let him/her be in charge, practice with them on a regular basis, role play like there’s no tomorrow, take lots of pictures, and bribe their child with digital candy!

Speech Blubs has 25 sections with over 1,500 activities (including new words weekly, building sentences, numbers, colours, songs, etc.), and most importantly, it includes children in the videos. It teaches children about so many different topics(animals, stars, planets, dinosaurs, home, clothes, etc.) and includes a ton of funny and educational videos. 

This tool is a fun and unique way to get kids struggling with speech to find their voice. When kids are learning to talk, they need to hear environmental sounds and words repeatedly before they’ll begin to imitate gestures and sounds. While for some this is a natural part of their development, many children struggle with learning to communicate, and as a result are unable to build their vocabulary to use to get their wants and needs met throughout the day without frustration. Speech Blubs is an excellent tool to expose young kids to vocabulary words and sounds in a fun way that they’ll want to use. Kids love to interact with photo filters, and this option alone will have many kids coming back repeatedly for fun. While Speech Blubs is not a replacement for a speech language pathologist or professional assistance, it provides a substantial amount of learning opportunities for kids who need practice and repetition in order to build confidence and skills for communication.

Learn more about the app and why hundreds of thousands of parents love it, here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/speech-blubs-language-therapy/id1239522573. Plus, be sure to check out their blog, which features over 220 articles on different topics of child development written by speech and language pathologists!

Website: www.speechblubs.com




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