The Best Preschool Products of 2024

Finding the best Preschool Products can be a daunting task. When choosing toys, games and other items for your preschool aged child, less is definitely more. Simple, durable, and open-ended materials that invite kiddos to imagine, explore, create, and stretch their developing language and reasoning skills are the way to go. Preschoolers have a unique stage of development where they are rapidly growing and acquiring new skills. At this age, their focus should be on fostering a well-rounded development that includes various aspects of their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth. The key areas we focused on for these award winners were:

  1. Social and Emotional Development: Preschoolers should develop social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and cooperating with others. They should also learn to manage their emotions, express themselves effectively, and develop empathy towards others.
  2. Language and Communication: Preschoolers are in a critical phase of language development. They should be encouraged to expand their vocabulary, develop listening skills, and engage in conversations. Reading aloud to them, providing opportunities for storytelling, and engaging in meaningful conversations are all beneficial for their language development.
  3. Cognitive Development: Preschoolers are curious learners, and their cognitive development should be nurtured through age-appropriate activities. They should be encouraged to explore, ask questions, solve simple puzzles, sort objects, and engage in imaginative play. These activities help develop their problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and understanding of basic concepts.
  4. Fine and Gross Motor Skills: Preschoolers should engage in activities that promote the development of both fine motor skills (such as using scissors, holding a pencil, and manipulating small objects) and gross motor skills (such as running, jumping, balancing, and throwing). These activities contribute to their physical coordination, strength, and dexterity.
  5. Creativity and Imagination: Preschoolers have vivid imaginations, and fostering their creativity is essential. Activities such as drawing, painting, building with blocks, engaging in pretend play, and exploring various art forms allow them to express themselves and develop their creativity.
  6. Early Math and Literacy Skills: While formal academic instruction is not necessary at this stage, introducing early math and literacy concepts in a playful manner can lay a foundation for future learning. This can involve counting objects, recognizing shapes and colors, identifying letters and their sounds, and engaging in basic rhyming and pre-reading activities.
  7. Independence and Self-help Skills: Preschoolers should be encouraged to develop independence in activities like dressing themselves, feeding, and taking care of personal hygiene. Building self-help skills fosters their sense of autonomy and self-confidence.

All of winners of The Best Preschool Products of 2024 match one or more of these categories that we believe are essential to a child’s development. Preschoolers learn best through play, exploration, and hands-on experiences, so creating a nurturing and stimulating environment that allows for their natural curiosity to flourish is key.

 NOTE: Winners are listed alphabetically.

A Bunny in a Basket – Santa has his Elves and the Easter Bunny has A Bunny in a Basket. An interactive book/toy kit that allows your Bunny Helper to travel back and forth from your home to Easter Island. Comes with a plush bunny, a magical basket and a book that tells the story of the Easter Bunny and the bunny helpers.

A Bunny in a Basket has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Aiko & Egor: Animation 4 Autism – Aiko & Egor: Animation 4 Autism (@aikoandegor) is an app created by See Beneath (a non-profit) that includes animated videos and games with research-supported skills to promote learning and engagement. The videos and games are developed for children on the autism spectrum and their family members and teachers, displaying simplified animation, engaging underwater characters, and includes fun games to practice skills. The app is intended to be used by child and adult together to promote real-time engagement and supplement educational programs.

The app’s animated videos and games can be enjoyed by engaging with the three primary features: Play Video, Learn Together, and Skills Games.

See Beneath’s co-founders have years of experience in autism research and intervention. Aiko & Egor utilizes principles based on Video Modeling and the learning domains and target skills are based upon the Early Start Denver Model and the Strategies for Teaching based on Autism Research curricula.

Aiko & Egor: Animation 4 Autism has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

All Better Now – 54 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle from Cocoa Puzzles – “All Better Now” is a 54-piece Puzzle by Cocoa Puzzles. The puzzle tells the story of a little girl who loves playing pretend. This little veterinarian helps her puppy feel Better Now. She wraps his injured paw with a bandage and gives him a warm hug, reflecting her kind heart and ability to show empathy and compassion. Cocoa Puzzles creates eco-friendly puzzles that feature diverse characters. With each puzzle, Cocoa Puzzles aims to inspire children to be brave, assertive, kind, and courageous in pursuing their dreams and aspirations. Each box includes a story card that provides more information about the artwork, allowing parents to share the story with their children while enjoying some much-needed screen-fee fun together.

Product Details

  • Soy-Based Ink

  • Finished Puzzle Size 12 x 16.5 Inches

  • Recommended Age: 4+

  • Made with 100% recyclable materials

All Better Now – 54 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle from Cocoa Puzzles has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Alphabet Chalkboard Puzzle from Creative Beginning® – This uppercase chalkboard puzzle is the perfect blend of education and entertainment. Chalkboard base with tracers and thick/large pieces with a neutral colour palette promotes both identification and successful printing in the indented spaces.

Key Features:

  • Durable chalkboard material for long-lasting use
  • Precision-cut uppercase letters for a seamless fit
  • Educational and entertaining for all ages
  • Promotes cognitive development and creativity
  • Ideal for classrooms, homeschooling, and family game nights
  • Neutral Colours to support focused learning
  • Vowels in white
  • Chalkboard base with tracers
  • Indented spaces to promote successful printing – no more “going out of the lines”
  • Increased fine motor success

A chalkboard concept that started with one child with Autism, that is now reaching and bridging the gap between children of all needs and abilities.

Alphabet Chalkboard Puzzle from Creative Beginning® has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Alphapals – The Alphapals Set is a cozy, cuddly seat full of wonder and play. The soft plush fully-lined Alphabag includes 26 Alphapal plush letters hidden inside. Each letter includes the Alphapals trademark signature embroidered smiley face giving each letter its own personality. A fun way to learn colors, letter recognition, and combining letters to create words. Alphapals comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Recommended for ages 3+.

Alphapals has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Bababoo and friends® Tree House Garden Party Story Puzzle – Attractive story puzzles with glow-in-the-dark effect, encourages role play and promotes fine motor skills and creativity.   16 piece puzzle includes two wooden play figures and reusable high quality packaging box for storage.

Bababoo and friends® Tree House Garden Party Story Puzzle has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Baloo Mini Weighted BlanketThe 9 pound Baloo Mini Weighted Blanket feels like a gentle hug, making bedtime and naptime a breeze for kids and adults.

100% cotton — free from polyester & synthetic liners — for cool, natural sleep. The cool and breathable designs are dyed with natural ingredients—indigo, mahogany leaves, and bamboo & clover—for clean and natural sleep. The Mini measures 40×60 inches.

Baloo Mini Weighted Blanket has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Bene Buddies™ Collection – The Bene Buddies™ Collection offers a set of four kits, including Bene Bear®, Sparkle the Rescue Dog, Seawhee the Turtle, and Haylo the Horse. Each kit is designed to teach and reinforce positive character traits such as respect, kindness, empathy, and giving, with additional focuses on benevolence, pet care, ocean conservation, and emotional recognition. The kits come with storybooks, tokens for a unique token reward system, and valuable lessons for children to learn and grow.

Can purchase individually or as a collection.

The Bene Buddies™ Collection has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Birdie Bean – Creatively and thoughtfully curated designs and pieces that the whole family will love.  Birdie Bean specializes in bamboo clothing, bedding, and accessories because happy, healthy children make for a much happier and healthier household.

With a goal to raise awareness for good causes, a portion of their proceeds from limited released items go directly to charitable organizations who look to promote rescuing animals, child cancer awareness/research and other charities amongst our nation and communities. 

A brand you can confidently support and stand behind.

The company Birdie Bean and their products have won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Bloom & Rise Sibling Box – Recognizing the profound significance that welcoming a new baby has for the entire family, Bloom & Rise’s Sibling Box is a thoughtful creation ensuring older siblings feel loved and cherished during this special time.

Thoughtfully crafted for siblings aged 2-4, with offerings for ages 5-6 coming soon, the Sibling Boxes are brimming with treasures chosen by experts. Unveil the magic of engaging books carefully chosen to ignite imagination and propel cognitive development. Paired alongside are toys and games that are catalysts for creativity, skill development, and parent-child bonding. The Sibling Box guarantees not just fun, but also promises hours of delightful exploration.

Meticulously curated for developmental milestones, emotional well-being, and access to art and STEM activities, the Sibling Box is a profound reassurance of the older sibling’s invaluable role. Gift an experience of joy, learning, and familial connection during this heartwarming period because every sibling deserves to feel uniquely special.

Bloom & Rise Sibling Box has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Brave Knights Kit – The Brave Knights Kit brings sleep, builds confidence, and sprinkles a little magic when children need it the most. The three products were all designed by an exhausted mama who used her master’s degree in psychology to come up with a solution to the age-old fear of the dark. Each night children give up their worries to their Brave Knight and he stays on guard to protect the little Prince or Princess. Next, the storybook tells the tale of the Brave Knights and even has a personalized Knighting ceremony to help bond the little one to their new forever friend. Lastly, comes the magic! The projecting flashlight shines 8 different images on the walls, under the bed or in the closet, clearing the room of anything scary. When their Brave Knight is near, they have nothing to fear. Sleep is just a click away. Great Days Start with Brave Knights.

You can choose a blue or pink flashlight with your purchased kit.

Brave Knights Kit has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Bukowski Bears – Bukowski Bears is a brand renowned for crafting lovable and beautifully designed teddy bears. A family run business since 1990, Bukowski Bears has been warming hearts for over three decades, making plush toys that not only stand as cuddly companions but also pieces of art.  Each bear is handcrafted with utmost precision, mirroring the passionate vision of its founder, Barbara Bukowski, who drew inspiration from her childhood experiences and the desire to create timeless companions for every generation.

The brand employs the finest materials sourced responsibly to create toys that are both luxurious and safe. These beautiful creations are exclusively designed in Sweden, respecting the highest standards of quality and safety to bring joy and smiles for years to come.

As a parent, you can choose bears, or a variety of other animals, including cuddly dogs, bunnies, hedge hogs, dragons, monkeys and more.  Key rings (back packs) and baby rugs are also available.

The company Bukowski Bears and their products have won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Buzz Buzz – 25th Anniversary Remaster from Laurie BerknerLaurie Berkner’s got a pig on her head!

Celebrate 25 years of her timeless classic album, ‘Buzz Buzz’ remastered for the whole family to enjoy. Sing along to all-time favorites like, “Bumblebee (Buzz Buzz),” “Monster Boogie,” “Pig On Her Head,” and so many more.

Check it out and see what the BUZZ is all about!

Buzz Buzz – 25th Anniversary Remaster from Laurie Berkner has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Connecting Home & School Parent Guides from Blue Star Education – These guides help families engage in their children’s education. They provide specific activities that families can share to help children achieve academic success. With high-interest topics and projects to share, they bring writing, math, social studies, science, and more to life for the whole family. The guides empower parents through active involvement in their children’s learning and also support social-emotional learning! Perfect for back-to-school, open house, and parent-teacher conferences. These guides are excellent for parent engagement and are available in both English and Spanish.

Connecting Home & School Parent Guides from Blue Star Education has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

CONNETIX 50 Piece Rainbow Transport Pack – The CONNETIX 50 Piece Rainbow Transport Pack was designed with vehicle enthusiasts in mind, offering epic vehicle fun for the whole family. Featuring CONNETIX exclusive reversible grey transport base as well as two clear motion bases, all with real rubber wheels, plus a range of magnetic tile shapes, this pack helps children create endless vehicle designs. A perfect foundation for STEAM learning, children can explore concepts of magnetism, motion, force, gravity, shape and color while creating their very own trucks, trains, aircrafts, or something completely unique and new.

The open-ended nature of CONNETIX invites imagination and creativity while adapting to the different stages of childhood, so children of a wide range of ages and abilities can explore STEAM concepts individually or collaboratively with family and friends. Featuring the CONNETIX signature bevel design for increased durability and clearer refractions, the Transport Pack is compatible with the entire CONNETIX range, meaning collections and play can grow and develop with each child.

CONNETIX  is available in a variety of size and color options.

CONNETIX 50 Piece Rainbow Transport Pack has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Crayola Triple-The-Fun Art Easel – Ignite your child’s creativity with the Crayola Triple-the-Fun Art Easel. With magnetic, dry-erase, chalkboard, and painting surfaces, the possibilities are endless. The easel can be positioned in landscape or portrait mode, adapting to your budding artist’s preferences. The four-level adjustable legs ensure optimal comfort and ergonomic support. A convenient storage tray keeps art supplies organized and within reach. Designed with little hands in mind, the easy-grip carry handle allows for effortless transportation to wherever inspiration strikes. When creativity takes a break, the foldable design enables space-saving storage. The two-sided magnetic dry-erase and chalkboard surfaces provide a dynamic canvas for limitless exploration. Plus, the set includes 77 pieces of magnetic letters and numbers, 4 chalks, and 1 EVA eraser for endless creative possibilities. Unleash their imagination and watch their artistic talents flourish with the Crayola Triple-the-Fun Art Easel.

Crayola Triple-The-Fun Art Easel has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Cushy Play Mat Maxi Size and On-The-Go Tote Bag, from Bub Mats – This soft & safe playmat is great for tummy time, roll over, sit, chill, crawl & walk-time.

  • Helps Boost Motor Skills
  • Safer Playtime
  • Machine Washable
  • Toxic-free & Hypoallergenic
  • Comes with FREE waterproof cover
  • Made from 100% organic non-toxic latex
  • It is foldable for easy storage and transportation

Comes in a variety of sizes – Regular (40 x 40″), Maxi (50 x 50″), and Super-Maxi (50 x 75″). An On-The-Go Tote Bag is available.

This playmat will grow with your family and improves baby’s motor development.

Cushy Play Mat Maxi Size and On-The-Go Tote Bag from Bub Mats have won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Custom Daycare Labels Pack from Name Bubbles – If you send your child to daycare and want to ensure they return home each day with all their belongings, then you need a set of custom daycare labels from Name Bubbles.  Their Custom Daycare Labels Pack comes with 96 stick-on name tags for clothing, shoes, and anything else that goes into your child’s daycare bag. All the name tags in the Daycare Label Packs are printed with non-toxic ink on premium vinyl material. This label pack includes dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, freezer-safe, AND laundry-safe name stickers for daycare. These daycare sticker labels are great for tagging baby bottles, bibs, blankets, snacks, changes of clothes, shoes, coats, and everything else you send with your child to daycare. Not only will you thank yourself for tagging your child’s belongings, but caregivers and daycare employees will also thank you.

The Be Positive Waterproof stickers from Name Bubbles are pretty cute too.

Custom Daycare Labels Pack from Name Bubbles has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Dino Race Track Glow in the Dark from JitteryGit – A prehistoric jungle where dinosaurs stomp the grounds and 4x4s speed along the expansive flexible race track. Dino’s Race Track Glow in the Dark includes a full set of dinosaur themed decals that shine in bright neon green, for children to play day and night.

With 144 flexible easy-snap track pieces, battery powered cars, additional jungle toys, and hundreds of glow in the dark stickers, the possibilities are endless and the imagination runs wild.

Dino Race Track Glow in the Dark from JitteryGit has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Dough Parolur Spring Box – Dough Parlour manufacturers premium, eco-friendly, 100% non-toxic modeling dough for children of all ages.  Their patent-pending recipe results in luxuriously soft and squishy dough that’s scented with nostalgically sweet and fruity scents, like Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy and Strawberry.  The company offers many dough sets to choose from – such as the Spring Box pictured here.  They also offer scoops (individual containers of dough), dough accessories and party packs.

Dough Parlour Spring Box has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Droyd Romper – Droyd’s Romper is an electric tricycle made specifically for kids 3 years and older that introduces them to the fun world of electric-ride ons. Built on an all-plastic body, Romper takes the traditional trike and gives it electric power using a 24v lithium-ion battery, brushed DC motor, and a multicolor light-up LED front wheel. Designed for toddlers, certain safety features are included such as a smooth-launch control button to avoid the device taking off too quickly, as well as built-in parental speed controls so that parents can use a separate key to lock in Romper’s speed at 3 mph or 6 mph, ensuring an enjoyable and safe riding experience. These safety features help prevent accidental launches and reduce the chance of unexpected speed increases while riding. Romper also comes with an easily attachable Droyd safety flag as another eye-catching layer of protection for parents and a fun addition for riders.

Droyd Romper has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Droyd Zypster – Droyd’s Zypster is a mini electric go-kart made specifically for kids 3 to 6 years old that introduces them to the fun world of electric ride-ons. Built on a steel frame, Zypster brings electric power to children’s rideables using a 24v lithium-ion battery, a light-up LED battery indicator and dual brushed DC motors. Designed for toddlers, Zypster features parent-trusted safety features including an automatic smooth-launch control pedal and an electromechanical brake that rolls to a stop when the pedal is released to help prevent accidental launches and reduce the chance of unexpected speed increases. Zypster also includes built-in parental speed controls where parents can use a key to lock in its speed at 3 or 6 mph for added safety while letting little ones cruise around.  Comes in pink too.

Droyd Zypster has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Earthley Feel Better Fast – Feel Better Fast combines five herbs to help support the immune system, reduce inflammation, and settle upset tummies. Unlike conventional medicines that suppress symptoms and fight against the body, this herbal tincture gently works with it to ease symptoms and allow the body to work through the illness naturally.

This alcohol-free formula tastes great and is safe for the whole family, 6 months+.

Absolutely no colors, flavors (natural or artificial), preservatives, added sugar, sodium benzoate, citric acid, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or top allergens (corn, soy, nuts, gluten, dairy, fish).

Earthley Feel Better Fast has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Empowering Your Child to Fly from Gryphon House, Inc. – Whether your child has received a diagnosis or is exhibiting behaviors that worry you, Empowering Your Child to Fly: A Family’s Guide to Early Childhood Inclusion offers advice for navigating the early intervention and special education systems from an educator who has experienced these systems as a child, as a parent, and as a professional.

  • Understand screening, evaluation, and assessment.
  • Discover helpful resources.
  • Learn how to work with your team of specialists and educators.
  • Discover strategies to identify your child’s strengths and consider a future vision for your child.
  • Explore your role as an advocate for your child.
  • Explore ideas for creating learning spaces at home and embedding learning into everyday routines.
  • Discover how to do all of this while staying healthy and strong, with a sense of balance in your life.

Empowering Your Child to Fly from Gryphon House, Inc. has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Gaia Baby Goods, Organic Toddler Pullovers – Dress your child in comfort and sustainability with the Gaia Baby Goods organic toddler pullovers. Made with GOTS certified organic cotton and OEKO-Tex approved materials, these pullovers are cozy yet gentle on your little one’s skin, and free from harmful chemicals.


  • GOTS certified organic cotton: Soft, breathable, and perfect for delicate skin
  • OEKO-Tex approved: Ensures garments are free from harmful substances
  • Water-based dyes ensuring long-lasting color vibrancy and durability
  • Cozy and comfortable fit: Perfect for layering or wearing on its own
  • Sustainably sourced and ethically produced
  • Available in a variety of styles and gender neutral colors featuring interlock (signature) or french terry knits


  • Reduce your child’s exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Support sustainable farming practices
  • Keep your little one comfortable and cozy
  • Variety of styles to suit your child’s personality

Gaia Baby Goods is proud to donate a portion of each sale to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and The Nature Conservancy.

Gaia Baby Goods, Organic Toddler Pullovers have won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Go Splash Swim Vest from Splash About International Ltd – Splash About’s Go Splash Swim Vest is a fun, practical, introductory learn-to-swim aid for children aged 1-6 years. Designed to help toddlers gain water confidence or enable kids to perfect their skills as they learn-to-swim independently.

Slim, compact, and lightweight this easily portable swim vest will conveniently pack flat for a vacation. However, this doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s been technically designed to be robust and deliver the levels of buoyancy required to provide a safe, learn-to-swim experience.

Flat foam floats incorporated into the chest and back sections of this vest ensure children are not restricted by water-wings, or reliant on holding onto floats; they have more freedom to move in water and are in a natural position for learning-to-swim.

This Swim Vest provides UPF50+ sun protection, and its quick drying fabric won’t fade in the sun/chlorinated water. Available in nine designs to mix-n-match with the brands swim and sunwear collections.

Go Splash Swim Vest from Splash About International Ltd has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Good Night Lotion from Earthley –  Magnesium performs over 300 essential functions in your body – including promoting healthy sleep, natural detox, healthy blood sugar levels, and gut health.  Earthley’s Good Night Lotion is rich in natural magnesium chloride and blended with skin-nourishing oils.  It’s also very easy to use — simply rub it into belly or legs approximately 15 minutes before sleep. There are approximately 100 mg of magnesium per teaspoon of lotion, so use the amount that meets your needs.

Their Good Night Lotion is safe for the whole family.  Made with the cleanest, most recognizable ingredients, like apricot oil, mango butter, and plant-based candelilla wax, with absolutely no compromises.  Absolutely no parabens, phthalates, fragrance, preservatives, or allergens.

Good Night Lotion from Earthley has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

GooseWaddle  – Goosewaddle understands the importance of creating a nurturing environment for your baby, toddler and child, and their products are designed with utmost care and attention to detail.  Designed with both style and functionality in mind, GooseWaddle products come in a variety of charming designs and colors, made from the finest materials and ethically sourced. Whether you’re looking for a classic, timeless look or a playful, modern aesthetic, their collections have something to suit every taste.

GooseWaddle offers poufs, baby blankets, plush toys, teethers, bibs, gift sets and more.

The company and their products have won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Hair Taming Cream from T is for Tame – All-natural and Vegan haircare products for babies and kids. Say goodbye to bedhead, frizz, and flyaways. Made with coconut and jojoba oil, it gently holds hair without making it stiff, sticky, or greasy. Ingredients you can trust for calming delicate baby and toddler hair.

  • Specially formulated for delicate little hair
  • Calms frizz, flyaways, static, dryness, and overall messiness
  • Made with natural ingredients: coconut, jojoba oil and tapioca starch
  • Works for all hair types – use a lot for scrunching curls, use a little for taming waves
  • Gentle hold without chemicals or harsh ingredients
  • Touchably soft; not stiff, sticky or oily
  • Age: Babies+

Hair Taming Cream from T is for Tame has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Happy Kids – HappyKids, powered by Future Today, is the #1 AVOD kids and family-themed channel. Over the last two years, HappyKids’ has seen record-breaking growth and momentum, reaching over 25 million global downloads. With this engagement, complemented by a content library boasting over 80,000 curated videos, HappyKids has solidified its pioneering role as the dominant player in its market. HappyKids strives to provide free, quality content by expanding its already impressive catalog. Titles range from baby (Cocomelon) to elementary (Lego, Mattel) all the way to tweens (Total Drama). HappyKids is brand-safe and suitable for kids, families, and advertisers, 100% compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) and KidSafe certified. Additionally, HappyKids’ newly updated, sophisticated parental controls empower families to granularly curate their viewing experience – by topics, interests, themes, age group, and more – enhancing brand safety and suitability alignment for advertisers.

Happy Kids has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Happypillar Happypillar is a revolutionary, therapist-designed mental health program that offers empirically-supported strategies that benefit children’s emotional and psychological wellbeing. A proven way to improve your child’s mental health – 5 minutes a day is all it takes for Happypillar to make a huge impact.

Rooted in science and easy to use – their therapeutic tool is backed by psychologists, pediatricians, and licensed therapists, fully customized for your goals and personalized for your child. 98% of parents see positive changes in under 3 weeks.

Happypillar has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Horse Stable Play World from Bababoo and friends® – Bababoo and friends® is more than a beautifully crafted wooden toy line from Europe, it opens the door to an entirely new play concept: merging the power of storytelling with traditional playtime. Care for the animals and practice riding horses at the horse stable. For kids 2+, includes horse stables and horse showers, play figures, horse obstacles, universal rail tracks, and three vehicles.

Horse Stable Play World from Bababoo and friends® has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Hushh 2 from Yogasleep – Yogasleep is proud to introduce the Hushh 2 Portable Sound Machine, the next generation of the brand’s best-in-class portable sound machine (Hushh) that’s been a go-to for moms since 2016. The Yogasleep Hushh 2 Portable Sound Machine has all the features of the award-winning Hushh, plus enhancements based on direct feedback from their customers and community.

The features include:

  • Backlit Buttons: Easily adjust volume, sounds, and power on/off in the dark without disrupting your sleeping child.
  • Night Light: Adjustable amber night light won’t impact your child’s sleep cycles.
  • Toddler Lock: Toddler lock keeps curious hands from changing settings.
  • Sound Timer: Optional timer shuts off the sound with three settings: 30M, 60M, or 120M.
  • Longer Lasting Battery: Rechargeable battery lasts a minimum of 12 hours with continuous use for a full night of sleep.
  • Modern Look: Mom-preferred design that complements most decor.
  • Six Soothing Sounds: With twice the sounds as the original Hushh, the Hushh 2 includes the iconic Dohm fan sounds, nature sounds, and two soothing melodies.
  • Easy & Reliable Hook: The unique carabiner-style hook is durable and can be locked or unlocked with one hand. Secure and won’t come apart when pulled on.

Hushh 2 from Yogasleep has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Jellystone Designs’ DIY Calm Down Bottle  – Jellystone Designs’ DIY Calm Down Bottle is a unique sensory bottle, where you receive all the creative elements required to create a sensory bottle perfect for your child. Just add water and it’s ready to go. With this option, you can refill and reuse the sensory bottle for endless creative options. The DIY Calm Down Bottle is designed for focused, calm play. It is used by parents, teachers and therapists to help children self-regulate their breathing and bring back attention as they focus on the swirling contents. From watching the sparkly magic to exploring the different textures on the silicone caps, it’s a hands-on journey that calms busy minds and creates a little slice of calm.

Jellystone Designs’ DIY Calm Down Bottle has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.


Jurrassic Excavation Plate from Funwares™– Calling all dinosaur hunters! Tame your own little T-rex and enjoy a roaring good time with the Jurassic Excavation Plate. Four portion dividers, so even the pickiest littlest dinosaur will devour everything in sight.

Jurassic Excavation Plate from Funwares™ has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

KidsBeeTV – KidsBeeTV is a digital platform dedicated to providing a safer and more enriching alternative to YouTube for children. It was created by parents and university researchers who recognized the challenges parents face due to the pervasive influence of YouTube on their kids. KidsBeeTV is designed to address the issues of screen time, anxiety, and developmental concerns. The platform offers a wide range of age-appropriate content, including cartoons, songs, stories, and learning videos, as well as fun and educational games, very important in kids’ healthy development. It promotes diversity and inclusivity, encouraging children to explore the world and embrace its richness. KidsBeeTV makes learning enjoyable, offering engaging and educational content that sparks curiosity and creativity. Additionally, it provides content in both English and Spanish, underlining its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Available on smartphones, tablets, and Smart TVs across major app stores: Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon App Store.

iOS App Store:
Other platforms:

KidsBeeTV has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Kids.Radio – At Kids.Radio, they believe that radio is not just about music, but also about educating, inspiring, and entertaining children. That’s why they have compiled an incredible group of independent children’s musician, podcasts, stories, news and jokes – all for kids. And it’s free to listen.

With Kids.Radio, your child can enjoy a carefully curated selection of music and audiobooks from many styles and genres, engaging podcasts on a variety of topics, from science and history to storytelling, as well as kid relevant news and age appropriate humor.

Kids.Radio also features a wide range of podcasts that are both entertaining and informative. From science and history to nature and space, our podcasts cover a variety of topics that are sure to spark your child’s curiosity.

And if your child loves a good story, Kids.Radio has plenty of audiobooks to choose from. Their collection includes classic tales, fairy tales, and modern stories that are perfect for bedtime, car rides, or just relaxing at home.

In addition to music, podcasts, and audiobooks, Kids.Radio also delivers news that is relevant and easy for children to understand. Their news programs keep young listeners up-to-date on the latest events happening around the world.

Kids.Radio is committed to providing a safe and fun environment for children to explore the world of audio.

Kids.Radio has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Kozie Compression Shirt – This stylish and fun unisex compression top is made of comfy 4-way stretch fabric which allows your child to work or play creatively and actively. The  sensory compression top can be worn as an outer or inner garment while providing deep pressure calming and organizing sensory input. Relevant styling is the key to this non-stigmatizing apparel. These popular shirts are designed to hug the shoulders, body trunk, and hips. Compression increases endorphin levels and decreases heart rate and blood pressure. Deep touch pressure causes the release of both serotonin and dopamine in the brain which are “happy” neurotransmitters that produce a feeling of calm.

Kozie Compression Shirt has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Limmys Kids Training Swim Vest – Limmys Kids Swim Vest is designed to help children learn to swim. The vest has 8 buoyancy aids that can be removed 2 at a time as the child becomes more confident in the water. With the support of a parent or guardian, your child will learn a skill that will remain with your child for life. The product is independently certified to meet all requirements for swim vests in the United States. A bonus drawstring bag is included to carry the vest after use. There is a Velcro zip guard and a padded safety strap to keep the vest in place. We use Neoprene which is soft on the child’s skin and avoids chafing. There are 7 unique designs to choose from – and different sizes to choose from.

Limmys Kids Training Swim Vest has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Little Giraffe Luxe™ Baby Blanket – Little Giraffe is known for creating top-of-the-line blankets and home accessories for the whole family. Since 2000, their collections have brought effortless comfort and style to everyday moments through their sophisticated color palettes, inspired designs, and luxuriously soft fabrics. Just one touch and you’ll see why they say Little Giraffe is LOVE. They meticulously select the highest quality fabrics to ensure their blankets and accessories stay soft and snuggle-ready for years to come. From family outings to cozy nights at home, Little Giraffe blankets are made to be loved. That’s why they’re all machine washable and easy to care for.

Their bestselling Luxe™ blankets are made from irresistibly soft faux fur and come in sizes for babies, big kids, and adults. There’s even one big enough for snuggling with the whole family.
Shop their full selection of must-have blankets and home accessories at

The company Little Giraffe and their products have won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

LOCOMO® from TaksaToys – TaksaToys LOCOMO® is a series of open-ended animal-inspired toys aimed at reconnecting children with nature. Available in two editions, LOCOMO® offers a variety of shapes and color combinations to enrich the immersive exploration experience, stimulating imagination and creativity. By reducing screen time and encouraging sensory encounters in nature, children and families can foster quality time together while triggering imagination and hands-on learning.

Crafted from PlanWood™, a sustainable material made from natural rubberwood sawdust, LOCOMO® embodies eco-friendliness. Playing with these toys promotes physical activity, observational skills, and imaginative play. Moreover, beyond outdoor play and creative development, LOCOMO® nurtures critical thinking and curiosity, fostering a deeper awareness of the environment. Through LOCOMO®, children gain valuable insights into their surroundings and develop a stronger connection with the natural world.

LOCOMO® from TaksaToys has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Mudcloth Vegan Leather Play Mat by – Meet the non-toxic play mat of your dreams. This ultra soft mat is made from natural latex foam to support your baby’s development from each milestone to the next. Soft enough to catch tumbles yet firm enough to support standing, this mat comes with a waterproof vegan leather cover that wipes clean for mess-free play. Thanks to a modular design and a built-in carry handle, this mat is foldable and portable for everywhere use. Made from the highest quality materials, this mat is designed to grow with your family through every stage of childhood—from your first little to your last. The Mudcloth print features a simple pattern of short dashed lines on a white background for a clean, neutral look that fits into every home’s decor.

Mudcloth Vegan Leather Play Mat by has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Natural First Aid from Green Goo – This power-packed, portable, plant-based salve promotes your body’s own healing abilities and replaces over 20 traditional first aid items, making it ideal for every adventure and first aid kit. It’s your first defense for cuts, scrapes, blisters, sunburns, chafing, poison ivy, and cracked hands & feet. It also helps to relieve the itch and sting of insect bites and can be used as a wound dressing. Helps relieve symptoms associated with:

  • Cuts
  • Scrapes
  • Insect Bites
  • Chapping
  • Chafing
  • Sunburns
  • Blisters
  • Rashes
  • Abrasions
  • Itching
  • Cracked Skin
  • Paper Cuts

Natural First Aid from Green Goo has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Netcessity® Seat Caddy – Have you ever hit the brakes in your car and everything on the passenger seat hits the floor? Never again with the Netcessity® Seat Caddy. The Netcessity® Seat Caddy keeps everything where you put it and conveniently within reach: your handbag, lunch box, laptop, cellphone, gym bag, baby items, school books and more. The Netcessity® Seat Caddy is a cargo net for the passenger seat that prevents loose items on the seat from spilling, falling to the floor or becoming projectile when you hit the brakes or turn a corner. It also reduces the dangerous behavior of taking your eyes off the road, or hands off the wheel, to stop what is in motion on the seat. It is fully collapsible when not in use; it simply collapses to the crevice of the seat ready to be pulled up to the desired height when needed.

Netcessity® Seat Caddy has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Patty Shukla Kids Music – Miss Patty, a distinguished American singer, songwriter, musician, author, and keynote speaker, specializes in music tailored to early childhood curriculum. Her expertise stems from her pioneering work in educational and interactive music videos on YouTube since 2009, captivating millions worldwide on her channel.

Miss Patty created “Musical PE For You & Me,” a music program aimed at nurturing interactive developmental skills within early childhood education.

When she’s not performing or composing, Miss Patty travels extensively, sharing insights as a keynote speaker at educational workshops, both nationally and internationally.

As a proud parent of three, she draws daily inspiration from her children, fueling her passion for enhancing educational experiences through music.

Patty Shukla Kids Music has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Princess Charming – Princess Charming is about a brand-new princess character filled with fun, humor, and girl power.

From debut author Zibby Owens comes Princess Charming, a lovable and empowering new character. Princess Charming can’t quite seem to find her “thing.” She’s tried everything from cooking to hip-hop, and hasn’t been able to perfect either. Even her cartwheels are subpar. But when the castle hosts a superstar for a special event, Princess Charming finally finds her time to shine.

With a modern look and can-do attitude, Princess Charming is the perfect gift for all young readers who never give up

Princess Charming has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Skill Builder ABC – Develop skills for success with Skill Builder ABC; 78 targeted activities that provide sensory enrichment and support foundational and functional motor skill development. Created by an occupational therapist, it contains three separate alphabet-themed resources: Fine Motor ABC, Sensory ABC, and Gross Motor ABC. Each activity is accompanied by a photograph showing how to perform the task, corresponding alphabet hand sign, and two sections of text. The main text is a rhyming couplet written in children’s book style. It is a quick and engaging description of the activity that gets kids interested and gives simple vocabulary to use when completing each task. The bottom text is designed to give teachers, parents, and caregivers more information about what the activity is addressing and its importance. This empowers adults with the knowledge of not only what to do to help kids develop skills, but how to do it, and why.

Skill Builder ABC has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Splash About Pufferfish Pool & Bath Toys –  Available in three eye-catching colours: blue, orange and purple, Pufferfish are made from soft, squidgy, natural rubber with nodules and fins designed specifically for little fingers to grasp and that don’t slip out-of-reach in water. The colors, ergonomic shape and tactile nature are all designed to stimulate your little one’s senses.

Ideal for encouraging water confidence and engaging little ones to help develop their cognitive, creative and social development skills.

Unlike most water toys, Pufferfish are specially designed without squirt holes, meaning no water enters inside creating an unhealthy build-up of black mold, which can be squirted out into the water. The natural latex rubber is free from toxins and dyed using food-grade paint making Pufferfish safe and durable.

Splash About Pufferfish Pool & Bath Toys have won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

StickyLickits – StickyLickits is the only all natural edible stickers that kids put on fruits and veggies to help them eat more. They are sugar free, tree nut, peanut, soy and gluten free. They are vegan and kosher. And full of fun. StickyLickits has licensed cartoon characters (Paw Patrol, SpongeBob and more) because studies have shown that when kids see well known characters, they are more likely to choose healthy over processed foods. The goal of StickyLickits is to make the next generation healthier than the present one.

StickyLickits has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

TaksaToys Resources® – TaksaToys Resources® is a contemporary construction toy inspired by natural elements like stone, wood, sand, steel, brick, tree, and water. Crafted from high-quality TPE plastic, it boasts a unique tactile texture. Designed without locks or joints, Resources® relies on stacking and balance to promote concentration, focus, and emotional resilience in children. As an open-ended toy, it encourages creativity, problem-solving, and social interaction, fostering valuable skills in young minds. Engagement with Resources® enhances both IQ and EQ while nurturing lifelong emotional resilience through creativity. Available in various piece counts, from a 36-piece trial set to a 216-piece classroom edition, Resources® offers versatile options for educational and recreational use.

TaksaToys Resources® has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

The Star Jar from Hello Little Honey – The Star Jar is the perfect multisensory way to help your child establish routines, learn new skills, and reward positive behavior. The reward jar helps children set obtainable goals and provides them with a visual representation of their success. The Star Jar can be used to sweeten chores, reinforce potty training success, encourage daily reading, establish bedtime routines, promote positive behavior, develop homework routines, and more.

There are a variety of star options to choose from – as well as a Star Jar Chore Chart.

The Star Jar from Hello Little Honey has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Teeth Tamer from Earthley – Teeth Tamer naturally soothes pain, drooling, and irritability due to tooth pain. Instead of using harmful medications or synthetic gels with unsafe ingredients and potential side-effects, experience the relieving power of herbs. Whether you’ve got a toothache or a teething baby, Teeth Tamer is the best natural solution.

Teeth Tamer is also great for molars, losing teeth, and general toothaches — not just for babies.

Made with whole organic cloves. Absolutely no added sugars, colors, flavors, preservatives, allergens (corn, soy, dairy, gluten, nuts, eggs) alcohol, essential oils.

Teeth Tamer from Earthley has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.


 TekFun Nanodoodle™ –  Clip-on and take creativity anywhere. The TekFun NanoDoodle™️ is a portable clippable doodle tool which empowers kids to unleash their creativity wherever they please. It attaches easily to car seats, desk chairs, backpacks, suitcases and more.

Effortless erasing: A single tap and the TekFun NanoDoodle™️ self-cleans, eliminating the need for erasers or wiping.

Durable and long-lasting: Crafted from robust materials, the TekFun NanoDoodle™️ Series offers over 100,000 reuses for active kids.

Mess-free fun: Kids can draw, doodle, and write without paper or messy art supplies, ensuring a clean and eco-friendly experience.

The TekFun NanoDoodle™️ enables children to express themselves creatively and helps kids cultivate imagination. Moreover, its captivating design marks a distinctive and stylish feature among children.

TekFun Nanodoodle™ has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

The Cookie Cups Unicorn Cookie Cup Baking Kit – This unique kit is ideal for kids & families who love baking. Complete with a unicorn mold – you can create your own chocolate unicorn horns to complete your treats. It’s a great way to spend time with your loved ones and create unforgettable memories. With pink sprinkles, chocolate chunks and marshmallows to make your own marshmallow fluff, the Unicorn Cookie Cup Kit is a great way to encourage creativity and imagination in children.

The Cookie Cups Unicorn Cookie Cup Baking Kit has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

The Toniebox – a new audio system designed for little listeners. Turn it on, pop a Tonie on top and let the audio adventure begin. Soft enough to snuggle. Tough enough for rough play.

Easy-on, easy-off charging for your Toniebox battery. Full charge can last up to 7 hours.

Blippi Tonie – Pack your bags, it’s road trip time! Blippi and Meekah are exploring new places and learning all about the world around them. They’ve invited you to come along. Adventure to a construction site, a farm, the moon, and more – all on the Blippi Mobile. This Tonie teaches kids about:

  • Vehicles
  • Animals
  • Natural
  • World
  • Jobs

There are many Tonies to choose from, starter sets, bundle options and more.

The Toniebox and Blippi Tonie have won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

The Figgy Play Couch from – The “Figgy” is a Montessori play couch, and versatile fort building kit known for sparking creativity and kid lead playtime across the U.S. The possibilities are endless with its strong patented Velcro connectors which make sure all your builds stick. It’s a raft for the high seas, a rocket-ship to the moon, or even a cocoon for reading hour. What’s more? It’s easy to clean up, and fits seamlessly into any living space. With Figgy, kids find a fun alternative to oh-so-tempting screen time, while embracing good old fashion play. Let your little one’s imagination soar with Figgy! The Figgy play couch includes 4 base cushions, 2 rectangles, with an option to add on a wedge and separate waterproof liners. Designed and crafted in the U.S. 100% non-toxic, made with sturdy yet soft, trademark certified FiggyFoam and OEKO-TEX materials free from harmful chemicals. Seven colors to choose from.

The Figgy Play Couch from has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Toddler Backpack With Safety Strap from Hugger – This durable backpack has high strength sewing of the shoulder strap and has a high-quality zipper and chest buckle. Super lightweight backpack is made of durable fabric with an interior moisture-resistant nylon lining. Easy to wear and carry, the chest and adjustable shoulder bands maintain perfect positioning to keep kids comfortable.

Strap provides safety in crowded places while allowing your child freedom to move around within your sight.

All Hugger bags have a 12 month warranty.

Toddler Backpack With Safety Strap from Hugger has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

Tower House Stacking Game from Bababoo and friends®  – Stack the cubes and match the wooden figures to their corresponding rooms. Contains six uniquely designed “room cubes”, play figures, and a 3-piece universal track and car.

Tower House Stacking Game from Bababoo and friends® has won the award for The Best Preschool Products of 2024 by Parents’ Picks Awards.

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