5 Award Winning Preschool & Elementary Character Education Resources – 2017

Award Winning Preschool & Elementary Character Education Resources

5 Award Winning Character Education Resources for Kids

(Preschool Character Education Resources & Elementary Character Education Resources)

Have you thought about using character resources in your home?  I have to admit, I’m a fan of “message” books – books that teach while they entertain. Because of this, I often use books/stories to help teach my kids core ethical values such as kindness, truthfulness, respect, justice, responsibility, etc. Doing so, even informally and in my own home, is considered a type of character education.

Per Character.org – Character education includes and complements a broad range of educational approaches such as whole child education, service learning, social-emotional learning, and civic education. All share a commitment to help young people become responsible, caring, and contributing citizens.

These award winning products are parent tested and kid approved. In order to be a Parents’ Picks Award Winner, these products and websites go through a rigorous approval process with over 50 criteria, including thinking skills, character building, engagement, ease of use, innovativeness, quality, durability, and creative thinking. These products come highly recommended and we hope you will love these award winning products as much as we do.

Our 2017 list of 5 Award Winning Preschool & Elementary Character Education Resources

**listed in alphabetical order**



Character.org is a nonprofit organization that advocates for positive school climates, where students feel safe, respected and connected to those around them. Character.org offers resources and strategies to empower principals, teachers, counselors, parents and community members to help schools educate and inspire young people to become ethical and engaged citizens.  These resources can also be used in a home setting. You can check out lesson plans here.


Character First Education (Strata Leadership, LLC)


Character First Education provides fun, engaging, positive, research-based lessons that help students build character. For elementary aged students, 22 traits are addressed and they include attentiveness, compassion, conservation, courage, determination, diligence, enthusiasm, flexibility, forgiveness, generosity, gratefulness, honesty, loyalty, obedience, orderliness, patience, respect, responsibility, self-control, tolerance, and more.  Character First Education lessons can work in a home or in a school environment. You can click  here for free sample lessons.

Entelechy Education, LLC


Entelechy Education, LLC offers STEM-C™ education – a unique combination of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), and character education – for early elementary school aged children. Having a STEM focus makes this curriculum stand out from its counterparts.

Even MORE Character Education Resources for kids!


Humble Bugs


Humble Bugs is a character value subscription kit (a kit is delivered every other month to your home). Each Character Building Kit features a different character value (honesty, courage, empathy, acceptance, friendship, loyalty, etc.). The Humble Bugs’ Character Building Kits include supplies, information, a classic movie, crafts, and much more. The subscription box format is really nice – as kids loving getting mail/packages. Also, this format is fun for the entire family (preschoolers included) – which is another plus.


Neon TIKI Tribe


The Neon Tiki Tribe apps (Tiki stands for Thoughtful Intelligent Kind Individuals) uses comic book super heroes to teach valuable life lessons to elementary-aged children. Each story contains “action and excitement”, vivid colors, colorful artwork, and a specific core value or character building message. The comic book aspect of this curriculum is very effective. Good for preschool and elementary aged kids.


Did you enjoy our list of award winning character education resources?  Would you like to see more award winning products?  Our homepage will direct you to fun and amazing lists.  🙂