10 Award Winning FREE Music and Art Websites – 2017

Award Winning FREE Music and Art Websites - best free music and art websites

Music is uplifting, enjoyable, and relaxing – and when paired with educational pursuits, music can make learning dull subjects interesting and fun.

In addition, STEM has grown to become STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math/Music) – with the addition of both art and music to the acronym – and to the STEAM curriculum.

We believe it is important to incorporate music and art in a child’s life, so we’ve put together a list of Award Winning FREE Music and Art Websites.

These award winning products/websites are parent tested and kid approved. In order to be a Parents’ Picks Award Winner, these products and websites go through a rigorous approval process with over 50 criteria, including thinking skills, character building, engagement, ease of use, innovativeness, quality, durability, and creative thinking. These products come highly recommended and we hope you will love these award winning products as much as we do.

Our 2017 list of 10 Award Winning FREE Music and Art Websites

**listed in alphabetical order**


Art Graphica offers free art lessons and tutorials (charcoal drawing, acrylic painting, oil painting techniques, pen and ink drawings and more) and free online art books.


In addition to classes that Carla charges for, Carla Sonheim offers a variety of free drawing, painting and mixed-media tutorials that we absolutely love. Above, is one of her imaginary animals – and here is a lesson on how to shade an imaginary animal –  https://www.carlasonheim.com/shading-imaginary-animals/.  


Eyeball It! provides a series of studio art projects – including painting, drawing, sculpture, and collage, for elementary school age children to do at home with their parents. Each project requires several work sessions, providing roughly a month’s worth of activity. Each project has educational values, beyond the art itself.  Parents do not need to be artistic to participate.


For the violin. The Fiddlerman website offers a ton of tutorials and online learning tools. One of his links is Never Touched a Violin Before? Start here.


Free Drum Lessons offers legacy content as well as newer content. You can watch video lessons on 40 drum rudiments, dynamic drumming, drum theory and notation, drum set play-alongs, and more. The site offers good “getting started” info.


Even MORE Award Winning FREE Music and Art Websites

This website offers chalk pastels, acrylics and video art tutorials for all ages. Although Hodgepodge is a homeschooling website – the art lessons are great for non-homeschoolers as well. Check out their art lesson library, and see for yourself – https://www.hodgepodge.me/100-free-art-lessons-ages/.



For the piano. This website offers a free basic plan that you don’t want to miss. In fact, you can start Lesson 1 right now! You can purchase a piano lesson plan for a reasonable monthly fee – but the free basic plan has worked for our family.


Justin Guitar offers over 1,000 completely free guitar lessons for beginners – all levels, in a variety of styles – Blues, Funk, Folk, Jazz, etc. There are books and DVDs available for purchase on the website, and Justin accepts donations – but you can take the lessons free of charge if you choose to do so.


Learn to play violin with this website’s detailed, in-depth violin video library (there are hundreds of videos). All ages and all levels welcome. Membership options are available as well – and they are very reasonably priced.


Zebra Keys  offers over 50 free piano lessons covering various levels of difficulty. Each piano lesson is accompanied by visual flash animations that allow students to view and hear songs as well as play along with the animations on their own keyboard.


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