The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

It is challenging to identify a single “most crucial” age for children, as child development is a continuous and complex process that unfolds over time. Different developmental milestones and critical periods occur at various ages, and each stage of childhood has its unique significance. At Parents’ Picks Awards, we understand the need for learning, play, social and emotional development, and more. This year, The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023 is focusing on products and services that help children in the following ways:

  1. Foundation of Academic Skills: Elementary school provides the foundation for the development of academic skills in core subjects such as reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. These foundational skills form the basis for further learning and academic success in later years.
  2. Social and Emotional Development: Elementary school is a critical time for social and emotional development. Children learn to navigate social relationships, interact with peers and teachers, and develop important social skills such as cooperation, communication, and empathy. They also learn to manage emotions, develop self-awareness, and build resilience.
  3. Cognitive Development: Elementary school promotes cognitive development by challenging children to think critically, solve problems, and develop cognitive skills such as logical reasoning, analysis, and synthesis. Children also learn to apply knowledge and skills to real-life situations, fostering their cognitive growth and development.
  4. Building Independence and Responsibility: Elementary school provides opportunities for children to develop independence and responsibility. They learn to manage their time, follow routines, complete assignments, and take ownership of their learning. These skills are essential for their future academic success and personal growth.
  5. Exposure to Diverse Learning Experiences: Elementary school exposes children to a wide range of learning experiences, including classroom instruction, hands-on activities, group projects, and extracurricular activities. These experiences broaden their horizons, encourage exploration and discovery, and help them identify their interests and talents.
  6. Development of Study Habits and Learning Skills: Elementary school helps children develop study habits, organizational skills, and effective learning strategies that are crucial for their academic success in later years. They learn to manage their assignments, develop study plans, and engage in self-directed learning, which sets the stage for lifelong learning.
  7. Formation of Positive Attitudes towards School and Learning: Elementary school plays a crucial role in shaping children’s attitudes towards school and learning. Positive experiences in elementary school can foster a love for learning, promote curiosity, and build a solid foundation for a child’s educational journey.
  8. Physical Development: Play allows children to engage in physical activities such as running, jumping, climbing, and playing sports, which promotes the development of gross and fine motor skills. Physical play also helps develop coordination, strength, and balance, and encourages a healthy and active lifestyle.

All of winners of The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023 match one or more of these categories that we believe are essential to a child’s development. NOTE: Winners are listed alphabetically.

5 Minute Science from STEAMsational Easy Hands-On Science Experiments All Done in 5 Minutes. You don’t have to spend hours doing science experiments. If you’re short on time, these quick science experiments teach scientific concepts in just 5 minutes or less. Save your time and sanity with Five Minute Science!

5 Minute Science from STEAMsational won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Aaron The Different- A Story of Courage, Acceptance, and Belonging – “Aaron the Different: A Story of Courage, Belonging and Acceptance” is an uplifting story of tolerance, belonging, hope, and being unique. Eight-year-old Aaron lives in a country called Premium on the planet Astron, but unlike his tall, perfectly purple family and friends, Aaron is round, small and green. His classmates tease him and won’t play with him because he’s different from all the other Premiums. Why won’t they accept him for who he is? His only friends are the sunmoonies and myrtledockers, strange and wonderful creatures who live in the forest and teach him the secrets of the mysterious underground caves and tunnels. When disaster strikes during a school field trip, Aaron is faced with the challenge of his life. Something changes everything, showing Aaron the value of his true inner strength, boosting his confidence, and inspiring the people of Premium forever. This uplifting story is a catalyst for important discussions with children and adults about respect, kindness, and acceptance. It teaches that we all possess unique skills and talents and have the power to make real positive change.

Aaron The Different- A Story of Courage, Acceptance, and Belonging won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

A Classic Christmas from GLP Music – Twelve tracks of Christmas favorites in classical arrangements for guitar, recorder, cello, violin and flute, featuring Grammy winner Michael Barry. Also a bonus track, Nat King Cole’s Christmas Song, performed by the Nat King Cole Generation Hope Summer Strings. A portion of proceeds will be donated to Nat King Cole Generation Hope to support its mission to provide music education to children with the greatest need and fewest resources.

GLP Music introduces children to world languages and cultures through music. Since winning the Latin Grammy for Best Latin Children’s Album in 2014, GLP Music has become a leading name in children’s world music.  You can check out all the GLP Music releases here.

A Classic Christmas from GLP Music won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

All-in-One Homeschool Curriculum – This award-winning digital solution for K-12 homeschooling is our favorite homeschool curriculum we’ve ever reviewed. Their curriculum is comprehensive and provides everything you need to educate your child from the comfort of your own home. With engaging lessons, interactive activities, and teaching guides for parents, it is the most cost-effective way to a fantastic education for your kids. For just $19.99 per grade (when on sale), it is a fantastic solution for parents that are looking for a complete curriculum without breaking the bank. The course work can be completed on a computer, tablet or by printing the lessons for your student. Learn more at

All-in-One Curriculum won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Apple Valley Natural Soap – Apple Valley Natural Soap uses nutrient dense natural ingredients in all their products, which benefits and rejuvenates hair, face & body. AVNS crafts products for the whole family, from gentle and nourishing soaps for little ones, to products & soaps which help with skin issues, plus products which help restore & rejuvenate skin. Examples of these products include their Calendula Castile Soap, perfect for sensitive skin and little ones; AVNS Organic Herbal Salve, an amazing multi-purpose salve which helps with all types of skin issues;  AVNS Natural Sugar Cookie Lip Balm (kids and adults love it), AVNS Signature Soap – Symphony, and their new Rejuvenating Face Serum. Really, something for everyone in the family.

Apple Valley Natural Soap won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Arctic Riders from SimplyFunSpring has arrived in the Arctic Circle! Players practice their addition and subtraction skills (and self-check their answers) while trying to feed the narwhals by placing treats on the correct answers on the board. Different point values are scored when the narwhal lands on your treat or swims by. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins! This self-check math game is for 2-4 players ages 7 and up.

Arctic Riders from SimplyFun won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Art Rollers, Forest Set from Natura Toys – Spark your child’s creativity with these adorable rollers. Made from 100% food grade silicone, these rollers are safe and easy to use. This beautiful forest set includes six animals and their habitats. You’ll find graceful swan, cute bunny, fuzzy caterpillar and more. These rollers offer an imaginative way for children to explore the natural world. Roll into play dough or clay and stamp with the little creatures to create hands-on habitats.

Art Rollers, Forest Set from Natura Toys won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Bedtime Stories for Kids – Stories to Grow By is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the best treasury of stories that are kid-tested and provide children with meaningful experiences that will last a lifetime. These short bedtime stories for kids are exceptional. 5-10 minute bedtime stories including fairy tales, online story books, audio stories, and more! Their FREE Bedtime Stories for Kids are PRAISED & RECOMMENDED BY: Scholastic, USA Today, The New York Times, Education World and now Parents’ Picks Awards!

Stories to Grow By won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

BrainLab – Their proprietary BrainLab™ educational technology platform is the vehicle behind our success stories. Brainlab is a career exploration platform for K-12 students. It enables to deliver content via interactive sessions utilizing AI and machine learning.

Their objective is to provide hyper-focused teaching pathways and insights into a student’s educational experience. Their data analytics and Machine learning coupled with our platform provide an experiential journey for each student. The platform provides immersive learning experiences via video quests, quizzes, polls, coding, whiteboard, AR, 3D models and AI tutor.

BrainLab won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Cavitar Caddy & Mouthcare Organizer from SuperMouth – SuperMouth’s Cavitar Caddy makes mouthcare a sweet treat! Featuring a playful ice cream truck design, this toothpaste dispenser (which scoops just the right amount of paste) comes loaded with an ice cream cone rinse cup for mouthwash, toothbrush storage, and toothy tunes. Kids will love to boogie and brush to the truck’s 2-minute original SuperMouth songs, and they can watch as the headlights dance in tune. Finally, an ice cream truck parents want their kids to visit daily.

Cavitar Caddy & Mouthcare Organizer from SuperMouth won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Clover the Rainbow Milk with a Splash of Flavor – Clover Sonoma’s® Clover the Rainbow® Milk with a Splash of Flavor, the newest addition to the Clover the Rainbow® product line designed for kids and kids at heart. Clover the Rainbow Milk with a Splash of Flavor is available in three classically delicious flavors — Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry — and features no or low added sugar. Made with 100% USDA organic, 2% lactose free milk, these new dairy products are a good source of calcium and protein and do not contain any artificial flavors or sweeteners. Clover the Rainbow Milk with a Splash of Flavor will be available throughout the west coast in 1-quart, fully renewable milk cartons.

Clover the Rainbow Milk with a Splash of Flavor won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Code Land – Coding for Kids – Code Land is an educational app that teaches coding to boys and girls. By playing games, in a very visual and fun way, children can learn basic skills for the 21st century, such as science, programming, logic, algorithms, etc. With Code Land, children will master basic coding concepts such as pattern recognition, problem solving, sequencing, logical thinking, loops, functions, conditionals, events.

Code Land – Coding for Kids won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Dim Sum for Everyone – “Dim Sum for Everyone” is a 3 song EP by Little Miss Ann that celebrates Little Miss Ann’s Asian American upbringing as a child as well as being an Asian American mom today as well.

1) “Dim Sum for Everyone” – I grew up going to Chinatown but didn’t start going for Dim Sum until an adult, mostly as a mom. It’s one of our family’s favorite meal to eat together!
2) “Karaoke” – the Japanese invented Karaoke but Filipinos absolutely LOVE karaoke. Growing up, we always had it in the house. It’s a very common thing to break out at a party after a big Filipino meal. Whether it was singing with family, friends or by myself, I loved singing my favorite songs at home!
3) “Ube 2.0 (feat Kymberly Stewart Music)” – I get so many texts, posts, and messages all the time of people so excited about Ube (a Filipino purple yam used to make desserts) after hearing the original version. This year both Forbes magazine and NPR called Ube the essential ingredient of 2023.

Dim Sum for Everyone won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Dinomaniacs Dinosaurs Tracks Set from JitteryGit – This Dinosaur Race Track comes with all of the flexible track pieces and accessories plus the whole set is revamped with glow-in-the-dark decals for dino fun day and night. The jungle comes to life at night!

Dinomaniacs Dinosaurs Tracks Set from JitteryGit has won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Dopiverse – Dopiverse is an innovative gamified educational game designed specifically for children. It incorporates their favorite game mechanics to make learning fun and engaging. Unlike traditional games, Dopiverse eliminates in-app purchases and unsafe advertisements, providing a safe and immersive environment for young learners. Instead, it offers enriching educational STEAM content, allowing children to explore and develop their knowledge in a playful and interactive manner. Learning becomes a prerequisite for playing games in Dopiverse, as the in-game currency can only be earned through engaging with the STEAM content. This unique approach motivates children to actively participate in educational activities, making education enjoyable and rewarding while fostering a love for learning.

Dopiverse won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Dueling Doggos – Do you have what it takes to be the Big Dog? Use your masterful abilities and your puppy powers to outguess and outplay your opponents. Will your top dog be larger, smaller, or the same size as the pup on the dog pile? Be the first to release all of your hounds and the “Best in Show’ Trophy is all yours!

**demonstrates comparative and superlative skill
**Great for mathematical lessons in greater than, less than, and equal to
**Fun identification of different dog breeds
**Excellent beginning gateway for younger players using strategy in gameplay
**Adorable, affordable, and fun for the entire family
**Easy to learn in minutes for ages 4-104, 2-6 players
**Unique, new gameplay

Dueling Doggos won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Early Language Development – AAC, from Language Learning Apps, LLC – Early Language Development for AAC is a Windows based app meant to expand the grammar/language skills of nonspeaking children. It is a collection of 13 gamified activities giving students practice constructing phrases.

Early Language Development – AAC,  from Language Learning Apps, LLC won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Easy Elementary STEM Challenge Cards from STEAMsational Build logic, problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and creativity from the comfort of your home. These challenges go beyond basic science experiments and really challenge the limits of what STEM can be. No teaching experience required. You’ll get: 48 elementary STEM challenges that are easy to do at home.

Designed for kids 6-12

NGSS aligned concepts

Scalable activities for all elementary grades

Easy Elementary STEM Challenge Cards from STEAMsational won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Fictive Books – Fictive Books is a mobile interactive reading app for kids aged 8-12 that employs a story-first approach and hides the homework. Features include a branching narrative structure, collectible items that change the story, levels and achievements, a text-to-speech “read along” function, comprehension puzzles, plus images, short videos and music to inspire the imagination. Each story is packed with interactive fun, but most of the time spent in Fictive Books is simply reading!

Apple Store for iPhone and iPad

Google Play

Fictive Books won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Funsicle Big Jaws Pool – Water play is taken to an adventurous level with the Funsicle Big Jaws Pool. Featuring an eye-catching shark jaws design, this 10-foot inflatable pool has enough space for families to cool down, relax and splash around in style. With a conveniently large size and easy setup, the Big Jaws Pool is a guaranteed boredom-buster that keeps kids entertained, active and social for hours. Families can spend quality time together without even leaving their own backyard, creating cherished memories for a “jawsome” experience. The pool’s high cushioned walls are ideal for leaning against, giving ample support to parents who want to lie back and chill. Setup is even more efficient thanks to the 2-in-1 valve for fast inflation and deflation. The Funsicle Big Jaws Pool is made from puncture-resistant and non-phthalates material. It also features a strong DuraSeam double layer construction for a long-lasting pool to enjoy. The Big Jaws Pool delivers the best summer experience for any kid or kid at heart.

Funsicle Big Jaws Pool won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Funsicle Over the Rainbow Sprinkler – There is no need to wait for a storm to experience this magical rainbow. Standing at 6 feet tall, the Funsicle Over the Rainbow Sprinkler provides a sensational cooldown for kids – thanks to the three built-in water sprayers found underneath it. A mainstay of seasonal fun, this sprinkler provides endless opportunities for outdoor activities. Kids can race, dance and invent their own games under the arch – keeping bodies healthy and minds active. The setup is incredibly easy for parents – an AirFlate Tool is included for quick inflation and deflation, while the sprinkler can connect to any standard garden hose. Once inflated and connected to the hose, the clouds fill with water – giving the sprinkler a sturdy base to keep it standing firmly. It is made from puncture-resistant and non-phthalates material, constructed with a strong DuraSeam double layer. The Funsicle Over the Rainbow Sprinkler makes any backyard come alive with delighted kids living their best summer lives.

Funsicle Over the Rainbow Sprinkler won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

GiiKER Smart Four – As an upgrade of the connection board game, Smart Four does more than extends 4-in-a-row from flat to 3-dimension. Thanks to an interactive rainbow-indicator system, the built-in robot can be either an integrated referee for intense game, or a strong opponent for players. With an eye-catching rainbow design, Smart Four is a great playmate for independent play or family time.

GiiKER Smart Four won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

GiiKER Super Blocks – Super Blocks is a whole new puzzle console with over 1000 built-in games. The goal is to fill the light dots with the indicated tile color(s). Combining 16 different shapes of colorful tiles, it helps spatial imagination, literacy decoding and building a sense of accomplishment. It comes up with a portable bag to collect all the components. It’s a perfect choice for an educational game, family nights, and holiday gift idea for kids, couples and families.

GiiKER Super Blocks won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

GiiKER Super Slide – Super Slide is an interactive puzzle console with over 500 built-in games. The goal is to set up as per the LED pixels and slide the BIG square into central bottom. It helps kids’ concentration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. The travel size and the magnetic touch make it a perfect choice of educational game, family night, and holiday gift idea for kids and families.

GiiKER Super Slide won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

gobaplay Single Swing Set with Round Platform Swing – Elevate the swinging experience to new heights, while bringing a contemporary and stylish touch to your backyard. With a sleek and modern design, this swing set is sturdy and built for fun. This swing set comes with our coveted 39-inch round platform swing, perfect for soaring through the air with pure delight. Curved corners and a unique gunmetal color seamlessly blends with landscaping and elevates the visual appeal of your outdoor space. This swing set is designed to exceed your expectations. While fun is what we’re after, we’ve also made sure this delivers on quality, versatility, and aesthetics. Guaranteed not to bend or warp, its strong design features a support bar and wide frame, ensuring optimal stability and strength for hours of safe and enjoyable swinging.

gobaplay Single Swing Set with Round Platform Swing won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Grandpa Kevin’s book series – Grandpa Kevin’s book series consist of books that are: 1. Not your normal early childhood introductions to concepts (ABC, Numbers, Art etc.) 2. Updated children’s classic stories. 3. Various other topics presented in verse.

Grandpa Kevin’s book series won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

HappyKids – HappyKids is a FREE & SAFE app designed to educate and entertain kids of all age groups. Over 17M Parents have trusted HappyKids over the years to provide kid-safe content for every age group with Popular Shows, Movies, Music, Vlogs, Gaming Videos, Rhymes, Stories, DIYs, and more. The content is segmented by age group and interests.

HappyKids won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023


Harkla Sensory Swing – The Harkla Compression Sensory Swing is a therapeutic indoor swing designed for children with sensory needs, although it’s a fun swing for all children. Made from a soft and durable blend of spandex and nylon, this swing provides a relaxing space where children can self-regulate and return to a calm state. The compression aspect of the swing gives a hug-like effect, while the swinging motion offers vestibular input, helping children explore their surroundings and improve their sense of balance.

The swing supports up to 200 lbs and comes with all necessary hardware for easy setup. It has numerous benefits, including gentle deep pressure input for a calming and continuous hug-like sensation. Customers have praised its durability, quality, and effectiveness in helping their children self-regulate and stay calm.

Harkla Sensory Swing won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Homeschool Languages Spanish 1 – An open+go foreign language curriculum that progresses through simple play! Teach your child to speak a new language with 15-30 minute lessons just twice a week through games and cultural studies!


A kit that has everything you need to get your child speaking a new language with just 2 lessons a week. Your child will be able to ask and answer basic questions, follow common daily commands, and enjoy short, common conversations in your home!

A progressive curriculum that teaches through simple play! All without taking any time away to prep for it. Just simply open, gather the materials, and go! For ages 4-10. Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese available now! 

Homeschool Languages won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Honeybee Life Cycle Specimens from Natura Toys – Introducing the Honey Bee Life Cycle Specimen from Natura. This little wonder has undergone a meticulous process to maintain its clarity and purity. It’s perfect for inspiring curiosity in kids and anyone who loves the natural world. Check it out and let the buzz begin!

Other options include Anthropods, Butterflies and more.

Honeybee Life Cycle Specimens from Natura Toys won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Incastro Colors – Incastro is an educational toy based on scientific principles, which can be tested at different levels. It is a useful teaching tool for all innovating teachers, educators and parents. Incastro is a toy that helps children develop their skills both during school hours and at home. Incastro offers educational activities using colors, shape and combinations of bricks. Colors 200 contains a preset number of pieces for each color. With each pack you can make more than 12 subjects. The packs are made of durable, reusable and box-shapes cardboard to easily collect the bricks. The instructions will help you and your child take the first steps.

Incastro Colors won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Jarring Science Club from STEAMsational – 100s of science lesson plans that provide the tools that children can use to become future innovators and problem solvers. Provide kids with NGSS-aligned, hands-on science experiments that are simple, effective, and low-cost, that you can do at home with your kids. You don’t need a science degree to foster a love of science in children. You just need to provide kids with the tools to unlock their potential. No special equipment or expensive supplies required. Use materials you already have at home.

Jarring Science Club from STEAMsational won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

JumpFox Games Wild Side Number Sense Cards – Wild Side Number Sense Cards is a versatile math tool for home or school that will build fluency, understanding, and a love of math. The set includes over 50 games and activities for learners in preschool through 8th grade, as well as a set of 94 cards, all designed to help students understand numbers and a wide array of math skills. Each number card has multiple visual supports to build an understanding of numbers and how they relate to each other. These cards and the accompanying games are an excellent way to engage students in learning, as they provide a fun and interactive way to practice important math skills. The 50+ games included, and their many variations, cover a range of math topics, including counting, comparing numbers, place value, and basic operations such as addition and subtraction, in addition to more complex math skills learned through grade 8.

JumpFox Games Wild Side Number Sense Cards won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Kahoot! Kids – Kahoot! Kids is a stand alone app designed to support and develop early childhood skills for children ages 3-12 yrs+ including math, literacy, and more with premium content from top brands!

The Kahoot! Kids app gives access to more than 10 award-winning apps and educational learning games including the learn to read app Poio and the collection of DragonBox games.

Kahoot! Kids won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023


KIDS VS PARENTS: HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOUR FAMILY? – “Kids VS Parents” is a family game that brings together kids and adults for an entertaining game night experience. The game consists of 200 question and action cards, providing a wide range of topics to spark discussions and interactions. With a playtime ranging from 10 to 90 minutes, players can enjoy engaging gameplay that accommodates different time constraints. Suitable for children aged 4 to 12, the game bridges the generation gap, encouraging communication and bonding between kids and their parents. It offers an opportunity for both children and adults to express their thoughts, share experiences, and learn more about each other. Whether it’s a casual evening at home or a planned family gathering, “Kids VS Parents” aims to create an enjoyable atmosphere filled with laughter, friendly competition, and meaningful conversations!

Kids Vs. Parents won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023


Kitchen Adventures by Little Passports – Bite into a world food adventure! Every month, try 3–6 kid-tested, kid-approved recipes from America’s Test Kitchen Kids and celebrate world foods with hands-on activities from award-winning children’s brand Little Passports. Play and explore, cook new favorites, and discover global culinary traditions with Kitchen Adventures. Savor New Flavors Every Month. Explore cooking traditions from around the world and get a kid-friendly kitchen tool every month.

  • Explore world cultures with fun hands-on activities and games
  • Cook as a team and discover new flavors
  • Build practical skills as kids help shop, measure ingredients, and follow recipes
  • Put quality time on the menu by cooking, learning, and playing together
  • Make family-friendly recipes, discover new flavors, and cook favorites time and again

Kitchen Adventures by Little Passports won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Little Zee and the Lunchroom Bully – Franky Finster likes to rule the lunchroom. He mostly likes to take the students lunches and snacks. The students of Shady Tree no longer enjoy lunchtime. When Zee is targeted by Franky and he trips her, Zee is angry and wants revenge, but her mind is suddenly changed when she realizes that mean Franky Finster has a secret that causes Zee to see things a bit differently.

Little Zee and the Lunchroom Bully won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023



Maple Landmark – Maple Landmark was founded in Lincoln, Vermont, by Mike Rainville. Born from the carpentry trade of his maternal and paternal grandparents, the ability to build something from raw materials was very satisfying and intriguing for him. As a teenager, Mike began selling at craft fairs, selling home décor items and simple games. In the mid 80’s, Mike split his time between college and home to keep orders filled. After graduation, Mike sought to grow the business by developing a healthy mix of wooden products to appeal to a variety of customers. From Cheri Baby Rattles & Stacking Dudes to Housewares & Wind spinners, their 35 local craftspeople make something for everyone. Maple Landmark is also aware of its’ eco-footprint – using locally sourced materials, giving away scrap wood and sawdust to hometown folks, packing orders in shredded outdated office papers, and using solar to power 75% of the factory.

Maple Landmark won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

MathOnline – MathOnline is an online K-12 math resource used by over 290,000 students and over 1200 schools, across over 50 countries. Taught by world renowned math teacher Pat Murray, MathOnline has been helping students achieve great marks and boosting confidence in mathematics for over 20 years.

Students get full access to all lessons from all grades with MathOnline, allowing students to revise previously learnt content when needed, or to work ahead. Each math lesson is explained clearly and concisely with an online video tutorial, students are then able to practice what they have learnt with interactive questions and/or a worksheet. Students receive immediate marking and feedback for their work, allowing them to be confident in what they have understood and also to give them the opportunity to look back at any parts of the lesson they may need, to ensure that the concept is completely understood.

MathOnline won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

MathpidIntroducing Mathpid – an AI-powered math learning app designed for elementary school kids.

Developed by Woongjin ThinkBig, a renowned Korean educational company with over 40 years of experience, Mathpid has already garnered over 1.3 million downloads on Google Play since its launch a year ago.
With Mathpid, your child can enjoy personalized math learning courses from Pre-K to Grade 9. The app’s AI engine accurately assesses a student’s math level within just 10 problems, boasting a 95% accuracy rate. Based on their performance, the app adjusts the difficulty of the next problem in real-time, providing an adaptive learning experience.
Mathpid incorporates AI Vision technology, allowing students to receive step-by-step explanations, practice problems, and math videos by scanning or hand-writing math problems. The app’s “My Class” feature offers personalized learning classes based on AI analysis of student performance reports, complete with engaging gamification features and 24/7 AI Tutor feedback.
For parents, Mathpid provides comprehensive performance reports that analyze students’ levels and weaknesses. The app also offers an extensive range of math problems, covering basic to advanced levels.
Recognized for its excellence, Mathpid has received positive reviews from both learners and experts. It has been nominated for prestigious awards, including the Edtech Breakthrough Awards 2023, Edtech Digest Awards 2023, MWCB, Bett UK 2023, and GESS Dubai 2022. The app has also won awards for its UI/UX and IF design.
Additionally, Mathpid was a top-four finalist in the 2022 SIIA CODiE Award for the Best Edtech Service Utilizing AI Technology category.
In summary, Mathpid is an efficient, effective, and user-friendly math learning solution for kids. Best of all, it’s free! Get Mathpid now at

Mathpid won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Motorola MOTO JR300 Kid’s Wireless Over-Ear Headphones The Motorola MOTO JR300 Kid’s Wireless Over-Ear Headphones are the go-to for kids listening solo or sharing. Little ears deserve great support which is why these wireless headphones were designed to protect a child’s developing hearing and ensure they are safe for listening with an 85dB safe audio limit. The bright colored ultra-soft headband and ear-shell cushions equipped with Bluetooth and up to 24 hours of wireless playtime are designed for long hours of wearing comfort for you little one. A 3.5mm audio cable is included for use with non-Bluetooth enabled devices, featuring a built-in audio splitter for sharing up to 4 headphones at once to make sharing with friends and family easy and fun (great for playdates, movies or group virtual learning). The built-in microphone also allows you to effortlessly switch between music and phone calls. Life is better with great sound.

Motorola MOTO JR300 won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Natural Playdough from Natura Toys – This playdough is made from 100% non-toxic ingredients, and it’s infused with cheerful scents (100% food-based)! They are so soft, fresh and easy to shape. Playdough offers numerous benefits for children’s development and is a fun and educational toy.  It helps kids develop fine motor skills, creativity and language, while providing multi-sensory stimulation and facilitating socialization.

Natural Playdough from Natura Toys won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Nature’s Bakery Brownie – Nature’s Bakery’s deliciously fudgy Brownie is the perfect pairing for those oh-so-deserved snack breaks that the whole family will love. In need of an after-school snack for you and the kids? Check! After dinner, sweet treat? Check! Whenever your family needs a soft-baked snack to celebrate life’s little wins, Double Chocolate Brownie made with wholesome whole grains, real cocoa, and dates delivers eyes-closed, wide-smiling, feel-good Brownie bliss. Children reach for Nature’s Bakery’s Brownie for the chocolatey taste, and parents love that it is plant-based, dairy-free, nut-free — and 100% delicious. You can purchase Brownie on the Nature’s Bakery website, Amazon, and at select national retailers including Target and Walmart.

Nature’s Bakery Brownie won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Perdinkle – It’s a 5-in-a-Row game. But THIS is different! Place your card to the LEFT if it is a difference of 1 – to the RIGHT if it is a difference of 3 – ABOVE if it is a difference of 2 – and BELOW if it is a difference of 4! And, if it is EXACTLY the SAME card (other than color) you can put it on TOP of the other card! Two players or play in teams!

Perdinkle won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Perdunkle – Another 5-in-a-Row game?!? Yes, BUT…you can’t just place your card any where. The COLORED number in the corner tells you that you MUST place the card THAT number away from THAT color of card. So, if my RED card has a GREEN #2 in the corner…I have to place this card TWO space away from a GREEN card that is on the table. Oh, there’s some thinking. But that’s what make this game FUN!!!

Perdunkle won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Puzzlies, 100-piece double-sided puzzle – “Puzzlies” is a colorful, easy and fun way for littles to meet buddies from all corners of the world! A double-sided, 100-piece jigsaw puzzle for children to spend some constructive, screen-free and creative time at home.

– Double-sided for extra hours of creativity.
– 100 big pieces that create two wonderful designs.
– Comes with a cloth bag that makes it easy for tidying up + a great travel companion.
– One side features 36 worldwide buddies with their names and countries, while the second side features a more playful pattern of the buddies!
– Each side is of a different level of difficulty, making it suitable for varied age groups.
– Sturdy, gorgeous box that’s ready for gifting! Just add a ribbon and it’s ready to go.
– The puzzle size is 23.6″ x 23.6″.

Puzzlies won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Quantum Storey My Little Pony: Virtual Magic – Quantum Storey My Little Pony: Virtual Magic is an immersive storytelling and experiential entertainment product for children, families, and fans of the My Little Pony franchise. It helps them experience an entirely new dimension of interaction in storytelling not only to inspire a joy of reading in young fans but to help them develop a deeper connection with their favorite characters.

Quantum Storey My Little Pony won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023


Skillmatics Foil Fun – Animals – Foil Fun is a magical, shiny, mess-free activity that inspires hours of creative fun. Kids can let their imagination soar as they create unique foil pictures with lions, horses, whales and more! Select one of 10 picture canvases, choose from 100+ foam stickers and then bring the masterpiece to life with the 100 sparkly colored foil sheets and googly eyes. Each canvas, sticker and foil sheet is different, allowing for limitless options. Foil Fun allows kids to use creative thinking and expression while developing their fine motor skills, focus, attention and spatial reasoning skills.. The process of creating the art boards from choosing and peeling stickers to embossing with foil is magical for kids. The most magical part for parents? There is no cutting, painting or coloring involved, which means this activity needs no parental supervision and is mess-free!

Skillmatics Foil Fun won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Skillmatics Search & Find Write & Wipe Activity Mats – The Search & Find edition of the Write & Wipe Activity Mats feature 12 repeatable activities to help children ages 3-6 build their vocabulary, sharpen their observation skills and discover amazing places. The large 6 double-sided activity mats feature location-specific searches in interesting settings like the park, an amusement park, camp, outer space, a jungle safari, the vegetable market, under the ocean, at a restaurant, a medical center, a farm and more. Since children learn through repetition, these mats clean easily so children can practice finding new objects over and over again. Use the dry-erase pen to draw on the mat, then wipe it away with the duster cloth so you can do it all over again. The activities are designed by educators and play experts to practice problem-solving, creative thinking, reading, comprehension and writing skills. Search & Find is age-appropriate, skill oriented, mess-free and infinitely engaging for young learners.

Skillmatics Search & Find won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

SUM It! – Yes, there is some adding involved. But, don’t let that stop you. And, watch out – once you start…it is HARD to stop! Each player, or TEAM is building a 5 x 5 grid. You always start in the upper left corner. The played cards MUST form an addition sentence like: 3 + 5 = 8, both Left to Right and Top to Bottom. If the answer adds up to 2-digits players drop/ignore the TENS place and just leave the ONES digit. Within a few plays the MATH is going to tell you what cards you must play next. Watch out for the BOMBS, STEAL, and WILD cards!

SUM It! won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

SuperMouth System Ages 6 to 12 – Complete – SuperMouth gives parents the solution for mouthcare at every developmental stage, for the whole family. Kids between the ages of 6-12 are reaching critical mouth milestones. They’re beginning to lose baby teeth and are welcoming and determining the health of their permanent teeth. This dentist-invented system is created specifically for maturing mouths. Parents can choose between the bare essentials with the SmartMouth Basic System option, the fresh breath-boosting Plus System option, or the Complete System, the ultimate whole-mouth health option. The Complete System cuts no corners and optimizes whole mouth health with every form of protection. This system includes either fluoride with Hydroxamin™ or non-fluoride mouthpaste in four delicious flavors, mouthbrush, expanding mouthfloss, prebiotic mouthspray, double scoop ice cream mouthcleaner, mouthwash, augmented reality sticker and more. Each SuperMouth system is designed for different ages, customized for each child’s needs, and is available with or without fluoride.

SuperMouth won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Team Digger – Play cooperatively in Team Digger to learn sequencing, spatial reasoning, and early coding skills – no screen required! Each player creates a five-card sequence to move their dog from one dig site to another. Players win as a team when they find all four bones buried in the park before they dig up five unwanted objects, like an old shoe. Team Digger can be played by 2-4 players ages 6 and up in 30 minutes or less.

Team Digger won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Truthbrush  – Truthbrush is the modern way to get kids to brush their teeth. The ultra-low cost Truthbrush Smart trackers make any toothbrush a smart toothbrush. They connect to any brush, manual or electric, any brand. Inside, the patented, high precision, 9-axis motion sensor works like a fitness tracker and maps the brushing strokes of your oral care routine. The industry leading Truthbrush app shows what you are doing well and the opportunities you have to improve – eliminating the guesswork from teeth brushing! The Truthbrush app further amplifies personalized oral care knowledge with social networking functionalities to make brushing more fun and interactive. Kids earn badges while Moms can send kudos to the kids celebrating achievements! You can even share your data with your dentist for better, more customized care plans. Truthbrush is the modern way to build better, preventive, oral care habits.

Truthbrush won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

TVO Learn Elementary Course Packs – The TVO Learn Elementary Course Packs are designed by certified educators that meet each child where they are on their learning journey with various engagement points. The activities are inclusive and effective learning resources created to support learning in all subject areas from Kindergarten to grade 8. Filled with innovative and interactive tools, multimedia, and scaffolded instruction, the activities support successful learning in mathematics, language, science, social studies, the arts, and health and physical education. Integral to the creation of this content is the fact that the activities are accessible and meet the needs of a wide variety of learning styles and exceptionalities.

TVO Learn won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

uLace Kiddos no-tie laces – Shark Tank Winner uLace is the First and Original modular no-tie shoelaces. uLaces are uniquely truly woven (not plastic or silicone) and keep sneakers looking fresh our of the box original.

uLace Kiddos in particular are designed to fit the sneakers of kids ages 4 to 13 transforming them from lace-ups/tie ups to easy on-easy off slip-ons that never need to be tied or re-tied.

uLace kiddos is also a 2 time NBC Today Show Back-To-School-Must-Have. With over 6000 5-star reviews uLace has a 98% satisfaction rating from our customers. With over 8 million packs sold in the USA and across the globe uLace and uLace kiddos are a product you can trust and depend on.

uLace won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

Xtend Scooter – Xtend Scooter – scooter with the only extendable footboard in the world.

The Xtend Scooter was designed to accompany children throughout childhood. It’s one-of-a-kind 3-stage extendable footboard makes it the perfect product for kids of any age

Main Features:

1. Extendable footboard: Fold the Xtend Scooter with the press of a button. super easy and convenient folding mechanism.

2. Smooth folding: Fold the Xtend Scooter with the press of a button. super easy and convenient folding mechanism.

3. Extra-large LED wheels: Equipped with extra-large 142 mm light up LED wheels to take on the toughest terrain.

Smartrike Xtend Scooter won the award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023

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