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Parents’ Picks Award Winners – The Best Products for Elementary Kids – 2021

Children have endless excitement and creativity to learn when they are young and and it’s up to us, as parents, to foster that creativity in unique and fun ways. We’ve chosen Best Products for Elementary Kids because making sure kids are having fun and sparking their creativity will help mould a child’s brain for years to come.

In order to be a Parents’ Picks Award Winner, these products go through a rigorous approval process with over 50 criteria, including thinking skills, character building, engagement, ease of use, innovativeness, quality, durability, and creative thinking. These products come highly recommended and we hope you will love these award winning elementary school products as much as we do. With over three hundred applications, we took extensive time with each product to whittle it down to our top picks. Here are our 2021 Parents’ Picks for the Best Products for Elementary Kids in 2021.


Challenge Island STEAM Education Programs – Challenge Island is where Engineering Meets Imagination and the World’s #1 STEAM Program by Entrepreneur Magazine! Every Challenge Island STEAM adventure takes kids on a whimsical engineering journey through one of our 100’s of cross-curricular island “destinations” from Medusa’s Pet Rock Playground (Mythology Island) to Pinball Wizard Way (Dazzling Decades Island) to Avalanche Mountain (Disaster Island) to Sydney Harbor Bridge (Challenge Island World Tour) to every STEAMtastic stop in between. An action-packed, 21st-century-skilling-building, project-based-learning odyssey, Challenge Island programs are available both virtually and face to face nationwide. https://challenge-island.com/

Parents' Picks for the Best Products for Elementary Kids in 2021 Kidoodle.TV® is a family-focused Safe Streaming™ channel committed to ensuring children have a safe alternative to stream their favorite TV shows and movies. Available in over 160 countries and territories, on thousands of connected devices, Kidoodle.TV is the place where parents and caregivers can trust that their children will be safe and not exposed to something harmful or inappropriate online. Every piece of content is strictly vetted by a caring team of Quality Assurance experts (mostly grandparents) committed to watching every episode before a show is considered for the service. With a brightly colored, easy-to-use, customizable interface, Kidoodle.TV offers households unlimited access to a vast library of more than 25,000 episodes of brand-name entertainment and educational shows completely free. Kidoodle.TV is proud to be certified by the kidSAFE® Seal Program and puts parents in control of viewing time and appropriate shows for their family.


Parents' Picks for the Best Products for Elementary Kids in 2021MoneyPrep is a financial education company providing free financial literacy resources to teachers and an interactive online money game for kids aged 5-12.

Our interactive money game features a vast array of foundational money skill games and questions. With MoneyPrep Premium Academy, kids unlock advanced financial concepts like entrepreneurship, commerce, and financial decision making. Our mission is to help parents raise money-smart kids and ensure that kids have fun while learning practical, everyday money skills!


One Page A Day Double Digit Math Practice – Improve math accuracy and reduce stress now with Channie’s One Page A Day Double Digit Addition and Subtraction Workbook! Each page has 25 innovative double-digit math equations with Channie’s uniquely visual color-code blocks! Simply tear off or leave in one page a day and practice math with high accuracy! This method easily helps children keep math problems and answers properly lined up neatly and allows them to focus on math repetition and calculations! Takes the stress out of math and begin contributing to your child’s success in the classroom and in their future now!

Bricks 4 Kidz
– Their LEGO®-inspired programs teach concepts ranging from sorting and order for preschoolers to pre-teen robotics and coding with LEGO® MINDSTORM®. Designed to coordinate with virtually any educational theme, Bricks 4 Kidz classes allow for the anchoring of real-world concepts related to physical science, engineering and technology. Our structured model building will cultivate process-oriented learning and problem-solving abilities, while LEGO® free play hours allow kids to capture their ideas and express themselves.

Bricks 4 Kidz classes are fun for kids and easy for parents and teachers. Whether you’re arranging a birthday party or an after school STEM enrichment workshop, Bricks 4 Kidz will provide everything from invitations and lesson plans to the Bricks themselves. Every instructor is carefully screened and thoroughly trained to guide kids through hours of educational play.


Easy Peasy AlphabetParents' Picks for the Best Products for Elementary Kids in 2021 – Make writing simple and fun! Channie’s Easy Peasy Alphabet Workbook helps your young learner write neatly with our unique visual color-coded medium sized blocks. The added visual green shade guides the young writer’s small case locations. Spaced lines help visually understand how spacing works. Unified blocks lead the way for consistent letter size. Self-correction happens when writing outside of the blocks. Each letter has 2 full pages of tracing practice for uppercase and lowercase letters, followed by a full blank page for independent writing success! Learning and writing the alphabet and numbers has never been so easy! The Best Visual Handwriting Workbook for Beginner!

FootFidget®Parents' Picks for the Best Products for Elementary Kids in 2021 – IMPROVE LEARNING AT HOME OR IN THE CLASSROOM.
• Gentle Fidgeting Exercise with Feet and Legs, leaving hands free for learning
• Movement provides Sensory (Proprioceptive) input; Improves Focus, Attention, Memory, Comfort
• Reduces Excess ‘fidgety’ Energy; Helps Calm and Reduce Anxiety for greater Awareness and Learning
• Helps students of all learning styles, including ‘special needs’, to stay on task longer
• Increases circulation for better health; Helps to Burn more Calories
• Ergonomic Positioning with FootRest in the middle of desk space to Improve Posture
• Sturdy, quiet and discrete; will not distract other students.
• 3 notches adjust height for comfort.
Three Student Models Offered:
• FootFidget® 2.0
Attaches to all 4 legs of students’ desk
• FootFidget® 2.0 Standing Desk Conversion Kit
4 leg extensions raise students’ desk to standing height, includes FF 2.0
• FootFidget® Portable
Lightweight Metal Frame, use by older students (w/o behavioral concerns)

Designed, Manufactured in U.S.A.- Woman owned, Physical Therapy Company


Parents' Picks for the Best Products for Elementary Kids in 2021ZIPIT Face-It Series is designed to keep children and parents safe and smiling before and after the Covid-19 vaccine.
This new family features pouches with full antibacterial lining to facilitate a sterile protected carrying solution for face masks, as well as all the other important ‘must haves’ such as: hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes and more.
The series sports designs of cute “masked” creatures for our younger users as well as a selection of more grown-up “masked” patterns for all those who are still children at heart. All models are guaranteed to trigger ‘the smile factor’ even when addressing such a serious functional need.
One can opt just for the Face-It antibacterial pouches or go all out with the Face-It Kits that include a perfectly matched reusable fabric mask.


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Mini Cosmo Rainbow Nail Polish SetParents' Picks for the Best Products for Elementary Kids in 2021 is the water-based non-toxic nail polish set designed for children. Each set includes 10 vibrant nail polishes, 1 double-sided nail file and 1 decal sheet.

– It’s kids friendly. Water-based nail polish made with natural coloring materials (mineral based pigments), completely non-toxic, literally odorless during application without any toxic chemical fumes. Safe for kids use and use during pregnancy.

– No harmful chemicals. 100% VOC free (chemical solvent free) formula, which means there is no toluene, formaldehyde, phthalate plasticizer, acetates, alcohol, acetone, glycol ethers, FD&C dyes… So much safer than 3-free 5-free nail polish.

– Rainbow colors & multiple finishes. Delicately selected rainbow spectrum colors allow unlimited creativity that lets imagination fly.

– Easy application & easier removal. Brushes are specially made for little nails. 2 to 3 thin coats provide opaque and durable finish. No polish remover needed, peel off to remove!


Parents' Picks for the Best Products for Elementary Kids in 2021HUE Animation Studio is a movie-making starter kit containing everything that a budding animator needs to learn to create stop motion animation movies using modelling clay, LEGO®, 2D drawings, toys or everyday objects. The kit includes a colorful and flexible HUE HD camera,(with built-in microphone) HUE Animation software and the 60 page HUE Book of Animation making it great value for money and providing many hours of fun. Children can edit images, record their own voice, import sound and even add text and special effects. They can then share the finished movie with teachers, friends and family, or upload it directly to YouTube or Creatubbles.com, the safe, sharing site for children. The animation software has been specifically designed for educational use for children aged 7-13, with a user friendly, fully-featured interface where they work together using the 21st century skills of collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.


Parents' Picks for the Best Products for Elementary Kids in 2021Stomp Rocket Dueling Rockets – Stomp Rocket’s award winning rockets teach kids STEM principles while getting them outside and moving! No batteries required, and with super-easy assembly, these toys will hits for years to come. The Dueling Kit lets kids run, jump and STOMP to see whose rocket flies higher with the special Dueling Launch Stand. Perfect for families with multiple children! And with the soft tips, the rockets can be used indoors as well!


Emotional ABCsParents' Picks for the Best Products for Elementary Kids in 2021Emotional ABCs is America’s most used evidence-based Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program and is currently free to full-time educators worldwide. The Common Sense Education “Top Pick for Learning” is used by parents and teachers in more than 90 countries and by teachers and school counselors in more than 65,000 schools across the USA. Our program is designed for children ages 4-11 and gives kids practical tools for dealing with impulse control, frustration, and acting out. Emotional ABCs teaches children how to figure out what they’re feeling, why they’re experiencing that emotion, and how to make better choices for lifetime emotional resilience.


Stomp Rocket® Magne-DartsParents' Picks for the Best Products for Elementary Kids in 2021 – Ready. Aim. Bullseye! Magne Darts is a screen-free indoor/outdoor activity that is sure to hit its mark with families everywhere! A modern reimagining of the classic game of darts, Stomp Rocket’s Magne Darts features safe, kid-friendly magnets and a durable dart board. As they play, they’ll be practicing their hand-eye coordination, honing their precision and patience, and practicing their math skills as they total up their game-winning points!


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Snails® nail polishParents' Picks for the Best Products for Elementary Kids in 2021, the 1st Washable nail polish for kids in the world. It is formulated in France and washes off with soap & water from fingernails, clothes or furniture, dressed in top quality Italian glass bottles. Paying attention to every detail, made Snails brand choice number #1 in over 70 countries today. A collection enriched with a variety of nail, body and hair accessories carefully chosen for our little customers around the world.


Hooked on Phonics® Learn to ReadParents' Picks for the Best Products for Elementary Kids in 2021 is an award-winning program that has helped over 5 million kids become confident readers. The Learn to Read program is based on research and approved by the Children’s Reading Foundation. Designed in conjunction with leading educators, award-winning authors, teachers and parents, Hooked on Phonics® Learn to Read uses a proven, simple, and fun method to give your child a strong foundation in phonics and reading skills. The complete Hooked on Phonics® Learn to Read kit contains all 8 levels of the award-winning program, from Pre-K to 2nd Grade.


Piper – Have Your Children Learn Computer Science, Electronics, & Coding With The Piper Computer Kit!
Parents' Picks for the Best Products for Elementary Kids in 2021

Take hands-on building to the next level—from assembling your computer to building your own tech. The Piper Computer Kit includes everything you need to build your own fully-functioning computer to learn computer science, electronics, coding and more! With Piper, the build is just the beginning. Activate Piper and launch a world of cool projects and activities. Create and explore unknown universes with Piper’s StoryMode using the Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft, and PiperCode using Google’s Blockly. Recommended for ages 8+.

Learn with MochiParents' Picks for the Best Products for Elementary Kids in 2021 – Mochi is the Award-Winning Coding Rover for Ages 3-9. Kids learn the basics of computer programming in a playful, hands-on way as they explore STEM subjects through fun storybooks. Montessori approved, LEGO Compatible. Mochi harnesses children’s innate love for stories to introduce abstract programming concepts in a fun, low-barrier way. With Mochi, our children can have healthy and safe play experiences while learning the basics of coding. In addition, screenless play protects our children’s eyes and sparks their imagination and creativity.


Parents' Picks for the Best Products for Elementary Kids in 2021Kiwico’s Atlas Crate: Ages 6-11Atlas Crate is designed to help your child develop an appreciation for other world cultures.

Through immersive, hands-on STEAM activities, we hope to connect kids creatively and intellectually with communities and customs beyond their own experience.

We’re excited to help your kids explore the globe. Because the world around us is a real trip!

The journey begins with your first crate, where you’ll meet travel buddies Anya and Milo. Explore your world map and master basic navigational skills. Build a real spinning globe! Collect Atlas cards to make your own travel book, filled with fascinating facts and photos.


Brain Teasing Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles – Jigsaw Puzzles by PuzzleUp are no ordinary jigsaw puzzles. They are hand-designed to introduce four series with 7 designs in each. Each puzzle piece is designed to give you an extra challenge, it will be hard to find two pieces the same shape. All this extreme attention to details, along with stunning images – means that their puzzles are fascinating and fun from the first piece to the very last. They created the most irregular jigsaw puzzle you’ve ever done by combining the traditional jigsaw puzzle experience with their love for wood. The wood material makes it more durable than standard paper puzzles and individual piece shape with highest resolution printing gives this wooden jigsaw a perplexing twist.  


Boss Club – Entrepreneurial Education Built for the 21st Century. Project-based learning is the future of education. Instead of just reading about entrepreneurship, Boss Club helps students actually start a business so they can immediately apply the cross-curricular skills they are learning in real time. They make it easier than ever for students to ignite their confidence and creativity through entrepreneurship! 

Their business kits are the perfect entry point to entrepreneurship because they provide everything needed to start a predefined business in one powerful box.

Each kit includes a step by step guide book, pre-measured ingredients, packaging materials, and marketing materials to start a small business with $40-50 in sales. Tons of 5-star raving reviews make these kits the perfect gift!


We hope you enjoyed reading the Parents’ Picks for the Best Products for Elementary Kids in 2021! Looking for more award-winning products? Check out our winners in the Elementary School Category for years past.

Parents' Picks Award Winners - The Best Products for Elementary Kids - 2021


Parents' Picks Award Winners - The Best Products for Elementary Kids - 2021


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