2017 List of Award Winning Apps for Elementary School Students

How many apps do your kids have?  A ton?  Are they brain numbing or educational? We’ve put together a list of Award Winning Apps for Elementary School Students (Top Elementary School Apps) to help you choose the best apps for your kids.

If you’re interested in educational apps for elementary school students (and we know you are) check out our list of award winning elementary school apps below.  Some are free, while others charge a nominal, but “totally worth-it” fee. Each of these apps are kid tested and parent approved.

These top elementary school apps are parent tested and kid approved. In order to be a Parents’ Picks Award Winner, these products go through a rigorous approval process with over 50 criteria, including thinking skills, character building, engagement, ease of use, innovativeness, quality, durability, and creative thinking. These apps come highly recommended and we hope you will love these award winning apps as much as we do.

2017 List of Award Winning Apps for Elementary School Students

  Mathmateer® (iOS)

With this elementary school app, kids can play one of the 56 different math games/missions. Each mission has touchable objects floating in space, including stars, coins, clocks, 3D shapes – even pizzas.  Missions range in difficulty from even/odd numbers all the way to square roots.

  Math Tablet  (Android)

This app provides virtual manipulatives to support developing number sense and the understanding of arithmetic concepts.

  ScratchJr (iOS / Android)

This is an introductory programming language app that enables young children (ages 5 and up) to create their own interactive stories and games. Children snap together graphical programming blocks to make characters move, jump, dance, and sing. Children can modify characters in the paint editor, add their own voices and sounds, and more.

Hopscotch (iOS / Android)

Kids can create, play and learn with this kid-friendly programming app and they can explore and learn from millions of projects created by their peers. Kids can open up any project to play, tweak, or remix it. With thousands of games published every week, your child will never run out of ideas or inspiration.

  MapPie: geography learning (Android)

MapPie is an educational app with game components – this app makes learning geography fun.


  ABC Spelling (iOS / Android)

ABC Spelling is a colorful and easy to use educational game that helps young children learn the alphabet, sound out words, and associate letters with pictures. For younger elementary aged kids.

CK-12: Practice Math & Science (iOS / Android)

CK-12 features 5000+ free math and science lessons and concepts, all created and curated by teachers.

  Mathemagics – Mental Math Tricks (iOS / Android)

Your kids can learn to multiply, divide, and square at lightning fast speed with this fun and engaging application.  Only the basic math skills of addition, subtraction and simple multiplication and division are needed to achieve astonishing results.

codeSpark Academy & The Foos (iOS / Android)

codeSpark Academy teaches the basics of computer programming through a variety of interactive learning activities including puzzles, games, step-by-step creative projects, game design and offline printables.

Geoboard, by The Math Learning Center (iOS)

Geoboard is a tool for exploring a variety of mathematical topics introduced in the elementary and middle grades. Learners stretch bands around virtual pegs to form line segments and polygons and make discoveries about perimeter, area, angles, congruence, fractions, and more.

Even MORE Apps for Elementary School Students

Little Solver (iOS)

This app is a fun game that helps kids sharpen their minds by developing critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills.

  Paperama (iOS / Android)

This app offers more than 70 puzzles – and allows your child to enter a beautiful Origami world and bring it to life. Have you read articles about origami and engineering?  Google  it- it’s very interesting.

  Crazy Times Tables (iOS / Android)

Crazy Times Tables mixes the fun, games and photo features that kids love, with best practice teaching methods and a personalized boost from technology.  And your child will definitely learn his/her times tables.

Khan Academy (iOS / Android)

Khan Academy offers a massive database of free videos and exercises on every subject imaginable.  This powerful app is essential for any student looking to sharpen and expand their content-area knowledge.

  DuoLingo (iOS / Android)

DuoLingo is a language-learning app that currently supports 23 languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, English, and Portuguese.

Elementary School Apps You’ll Love

  Flocabulary (iOS / Android)

Educational Hip-Hop for Kids – Flocabulary uses music and storytelling to engage kids and teens. The Flocabulary app offers over 900+ videos teaching subjects that include Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Life Skills and more.

  Chortopia (iOS)

OK – maybe this app is for YOU! This is a  NEW kind of chore app, where chores become part of an entertaining story for your child. Using ‘chore power’, kids help the citizens of Chortopia…and you!

  Moonlight Hide and Seek (iOS / Android)

Moonlight Hide and Seek is an interesting storybook app with a mathematical twist. With great illustrations, a fun story, and a bit of subtraction practice too, this app is one that will keep your kids engaged while they learn.

  Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab (Android)

What can we say – this app is a BLAST!  🙂  Also, Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab can be viewed on Netflix, the Kid Genius channel on XFINITY, public television and DVD.

  Letter Cross Tracking (iOS / Android)

The Letter Cross Tracking App improves visual tracking skills, visual discrimination skills and spatial relationship skills.  Plus, it’s fun!

    Ready to Print (iOS / Android)

This app helps teach pre-writing skills to children in order to build a strong foundation for beginning printers. It offers free downloadable companion worksheets – visit www.readytoprintapp.com to download.

    The Fun Way to Learn Algebra (iOS Android)

There are multiple products by Dr. Borenson – all are fantastic.  This algebra app is for children as young as eight.


Did you enjoy our 2017 list of award winning apps for elementary school students?  Would you like to see additional award winning products?  Visit our homepage for fun, educational and amazing lists.  🙂




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