Best Baby & Toddler Products of 2018

From teething, to bath time, the baby/toddler years can be the best, but also the most challenging for parents. There are thousands of products available and it’s hard to know which ones are the best and most trusted by veteran parents. Below is our list of the Best Baby & Toddler Products of 2018. This list is ranked in no particular order and all are guaranteed to make your toddler happy!

In order to be a Parents’ Picks Award Winner, these products go through a rigorous approval process with over 50 criteria, including thinking skills, character building, engagement, ease of use, innovativeness, quality, durability, and creative thinking. These products come highly recommended and we hope you will love these award winning products as much as we do. With over fifty applications, we took extensive time with each product to whittle it down to our top picks. Here are our 2018 Parents’ Picks for the Best Baby & Toddler Products of 2018.

Silicone FishScrub

“This double-sided fish has over 3000 hair-like silicone bristles. One side has soft, short bristles, and the other has longer and even softer bristles. They create a relaxing massage-like feeling, which makes it the perfect scrub for everyone, and is even gentle enough to use on baby’s cradle cap. No need for chemicals or medication, just use the shorter bristles to gently scrub away the itchy, scaly skin condition.

Little bamBAM

“SAVEYOUR SANITY – When your wee bubby is teething the whole household can be put under STRESS, lots and lots of it! Our Little bamBAM teether toys can help reduce that stress for all, allowing you to enjoy this wonderful period with your child rather than wishing it away.

PROVIDE RELIEF FOR BUBBIES SORE GUMS – All babies instinctively want to chew on whatever they can get their little hands on when the teeth start to push through. Made from soft, chewable, baby-safe silicone, Little Bam Bam baby teethertoys are the perfect texture for those tender gums – we call it the Goldilocks Zone, not too hard and not too soft, just perfect.

LOTS OF COLOR, LOTS OF TEXTURE – The ears, legs and horns are just the right size for little hands to hold, along with the bright colors, result in a sensory and tactile experience that will help stimulate your baby.


Squeeze n’ switch bath toys

Set of 3: green penguin, yellow pufferfish, red octopus, interchangeable top and bottom pieces. Just twist open and closed to prevent mold. They are easy to squeeze and squirt water out. Perfect for age 9+ months. Dishwasher safe, PVC, BPA, Phthalate free, and made of silicone. Also great for sensory as each 4 pack comes with brightly colored, easy to grip toys to encourage the development of hand-eye coordination and imagination!

Because the toys easily twist apart, they can be cleaned and dried for continued play even long after bath time is done. Small enough to be portable – take them in the diaper bag, to grandma’s, to the beach or pool, or even your own water table.

SwaddleDesigns Infinity Nursing Scarf

This boutique quality 2-in-1 Infinity Style Nursing Scarf is made from 100% Viscose from Bamboo with pretty floral watercolor design painted by artist Lynette Damir, is silky soft & breathable for more comfort. A stylish accessory that is useful beyond being beautiful, it may be used a privacy throw when feeding baby.

Dibly the Dino-Sore-No-More

“Dibly the Dino-Sore-No-More is on a mission – to help little ones who are teething.

He was born with some very unusual features and, at first, he didn’t know what they were for. Once he discovered how to use them though a smile came across his face that has never left. The knobbly parts of his back can reach the back of aching gums, the textures on his body feel nice to bite down on and his funny toothbrush can gently massage the more sensitive areas where teeth a popping through.

Made from soft food-grade silicone, Dibly is the perfect baby teething toy.

Squeasy Snacker

The Squeasy Snacker is the most versatile reusable food pouch on the market! It is the only food pouch with the patented No Spill Insert that allows serving both soft foods and liquid without the mess. Easy to fill: Stands on its own and features a wide opening. Easy to use: Simply fill with delicious blends of your favorite nutritious snack. Easy to clean: Silicone bottle can be turned inside out and all parts are dishwasher safe. Great for independent feeding, car rides, or anywhere on the go.

Big City Vehicles App

Let your little ones explore city life with its many vehicles and surroundings. Meet the funny animal characters and learn about vehicles in the street, the sky and the subway.

Designed for kids, ages 1-5, Big City Vehicles is full of games, fun surprises and educational tasks that will develop your child’s creativity and problem solving skills. Your toddlers can help to mix cement, put out fire, help the paramedic and shovel rocks with a bulldozer.

Baby Steps to STEM
Innately curious, infants and toddlers love to explore, investigate, and discover—making the earliest years a perfect time to begin teaching the foundations of STEM. This book explores what science, technology, engineering, and math education looks like for this age group, and why it is so vital for all children to develop STEM knowledge.

The smarttemp’s continuous monitoring is the easiest way to track baby’s temperature all day/night long! It’s the only smart thermometer that sends an alert to a smart phone when baby’s temperature drops and when fever strikes, without disturbing baby and letting baby sleep—it also provides medication reminders and allows for record keeping of medicine dosages. It’s comfortable, reliable, and safe with up to a 3 year battery life* in a 100% baby-safe sealed compartment. This smart wearable thermometer gives parents peace of mind!