The Best Educational Products in the World – 2022/23

Education is one of the most important things we can give our children. Education helps people become better citizens, obtain better paying jobs, shows the importance of hard work, and helps us grow and develop and humans. Learning can also seem daunting to many children. That’s why making learning fun is the best way to ensure kids of all ages stay engaged and interested. We’ve come up with a list of the best educational products in the world and we’re thrilled to share that list with you. We firmly believe that these products not only provide educational value, but do so in a fun and engaging way. We hope you enjoy the best educational products in the world, according to Parents’ Picks Awards.

Please note: Items are listed in random order within grade/age range.

Preschool – The Best Educational Products in the World

All About Today Board from Pidoko Kids –  Montessori Toys for 3 + Year Olds – Fun Learning Weather, Days, Months, Week, Seasons, Clock learning.

  •  Non-Toxic paint and child safe materials.
  • Perfect for young learners; kindergarten, preschool, school, daycare, classroom, toddlers, kids, gift or presents.


Fidgimals– POP! CRINKLE! FEEL! READ! Discover a world of fun with these new Fidgimals™ sensory toys and books.  Many to choose from. Designed to captivate children with different sensory elements, kids can touch, crinkle, and pop as they read along. Each book features a different pop-it character and touch-and-feel elements on the cover and each spread. Collect them all.

Jiligaga – The Jiligaga English learning app, for kids aged 2-8 combines interactive learning, animated stories, and engaging games to make English learning fun and effective. With bite-sized lessons of just 10-15 minutes per day, Jiligaga provides a worry-free and kid-safe environment.  The Jiligaga scientifically developed course, aligned with the CEFR standard, offers engaging lessons which build listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, mastering 1000+ words and 200+ expressions. There are 70+ themes to explore, with many playful characters. Parents can easily track their child’s progress through learning plans. Start your wonderful learning journey anytime, anywhere with Jiligaga on multiple devices.

Whale Wilma Pull Along Toy – Bababoo and friends® is more than a beautifully crafted wooden toy line from Europe, it opens the door to an entirely new play concept: merging the power of storytelling with traditional playtime! Bababoo and friends® pull-along toys are the ideal companions for any toddler! The Whale Wilma Pull Along Toy is designed to be pushed and pulled around with a string. In addition, it’s a great help for children learning to crawl. Vibrant illustrations on the wheels provide your child with an additional level of exploration. Other moving elements and a bell further stimulate the senses. Dexterity and motor skills such as pulling, pushing, and grasping are encouraged through play.

Playgarden Online – Online Preschool ProgramPlaygarden Online is an online preschool program committed to providing engaging early learning to families around the world at an accessible price. Our comprehensive educational program is led by certified teachers and consists of daily video lessons, hands-on worksheets, DIY projects, custom songs and more. We have a library of over a thousand educational videos imparting an academic, well-rounded preschool curriculum which has been developed over 15 years in our NYC schools. Our program is used as the stepping stone for homeschool parents across the country to provide whole-child development for their little ones 2-5 years!

Kitchen Adventures – Bite into a world food adventure! Every month, try 3–6 kid-tested, kid-approved recipes from America’s Test Kitchen Kids and celebrate world foods with hands-on activities from award-winning children’s brand Little Passports. Play and explore, cook new favorites, and discover global culinary traditions with Kitchen Adventures.

Fill N’ Splash Submarine – Fill submarine full of water with the yellow cup, add some floating balls, and then push the orange button to flush it down into the tub. ++Note: Button only releases when submarine is at least 1/2 filled with water. Please fill with water before pushing. Fill N’ Splash Submarine is utility and design patent-pending.
Engaging, interactive, educational bath fun. Encourages independent play and experimentation, improves hand-eye coordination, teaches cause and effect, and is visually stimulating.
Perfect for ages 18 months to 5 years. No assembly or batteries required.

Sago Mini First Words is a speech therapy app for children aged 2-8. Designed with experts in speech-language pathology, the app teaches kids their first words, strengthens communication skills, and builds vocabulary through fun mini-games, learning activities, and storybooks. Utilizing science-backed methods like video modeling, children learn how to speak from peers, mimicking, and mastering new words.

Scribble Scrubbie Arctic Pets Snow Explorer – Chill out and enjoy the ride exploring the arctic with the Scribble Scrubbie Arctic Pets Snow Explorer! Roll the explorer to new adventures and ride on the snow boards. Kids will be amazed to watch the new pets including a walrus, penguin and polar bear change colors (blue when cold and white when warm). Decorate the pets with the included markers, wash them clean and start over again.

Scribble Scrubbie Dinosaur Pets Waterfall – Travel back in time to the age of dinosaurs with Scribble Scrubbie Dinosaur Pets Waterfall. Create unique designs with the color drops and markers. After the dinosaurs are colored, pour water down the waterfall with the included water scooper, and slide pets down into the waterfall pool. Then when dinosaurs have had enough fun, scrub them in the pool and play again and again!

Skillmatics I Can Write – A top-rated educational game company, Skillmatics, developed a fun and effective way for kids to practice their fine motor skills and improve their pen control. I Can Write is an activity set that features 14 engaging and repeatable activities which build core skills such as problem solving, creative thinking, reading and comprehension, and of course writing. This fun game teaches patterns and strokes, alphabet and numbers, writing words, colors and shapes, body parts, calendar planning, and creating sentences. The unique Write and Wipe activity mat allows kids to learn at their own pace through repetition, grows confidence in their skills, and encourages them to keep practicing! I Can Write is ideal for young children and preschoolers ages 3-6. Each activity set includes 6 double-sided Activity Mats with easy-to-follow instructions, 2 Dry Erase Markers, 1 Duster Cloth and 1 Skilly Billy Achievement Certificate.

Wooden Blocks 100 Pieces Colored and Natural Wooden Blocks with Storage Container from Pidoko Kids

  • Hand-crafted quality wood – 100 traditionally styled hand-crafted colorful wooden blocks; 4 stimulating bright colors and natural wood.
  • No more messy rooms – Set includes a carrying container for convenient storage.
  • Early developmental skills – Comprehensive educational blocks set with multiple shapes to encourage a child’s imaginative and creative cognitive skills.
  • Durable and sustainable wood – Each piece is carefully crafted to make sure so there are no rough edges, ensuring safe play for kids and toddlers.
  • Next level learning – An impressive blocks set that promotes color recognition, matching, stacking and sorting skills.

Speech Blubs is a speech learning app that will help your kid speak better, sooner, and more confidently! It offers a variety of fun, engaging, and educational activities that will expand your child’s speech while providing great fun for the whole family. It helps kids over 12 months, including those with Down syndrome, articulation issues, or kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Speech Blubs was made with the help of our network of 1000+ speech therapists (SLPs) who make sure the app is equipped with the necessary tools to improve your little one’s speech. Kids test it to make sure it’s fun, too! Start your 7-day free trial! Download in App Store, Google Play Store or at

StopReadGo Vocabulary Boxes – Teach your little ones to read one word at a time! Each vocabulary box has a theme (Farm, Forest, Sea, Safari, Pets, Dinosaurs) and comes with 10 wooden blocks and 10 mini flashcards. What makes these blocks unique from anything else on the market is the fact that each block is labeled. This allows your child to not only SEE the word every time they are playing, but also UNDERSTAND the meaning of the word. Read the word aloud to your child so they can also HEAR the word, all at the same time!

The Alphabet With Milo and other Rescue Series books – Some of the most engaging early learning books available because they create connection right from page one. Each book features a rescue dog and the kids are told the dog’s story on the first page. Kids immediately feel connected to this character that has suffered adversity and found a loving family. The illustrated dog then stars in every scene throughout the book, and the pictures are delightfully funny. Underneath, however, is science at work – the writers spent a year working with literacy and math experts designing and testing their books to maximize the educational impact. Loved but kids and teachers alike!

The Moodies – Your Little One has Big Feelings but only small words to describe them. When those words fail them, it triggers frustration and meltdowns. Make it easy for them to learn about and communicate Big Feelings with The Moodies.

Build the foundations for emotional intelligence with these Social Emotional Learning Toys. Each Cuddly Storybook Friend was crafted along with early childhood development experts. They help children prepare for a lifetime of growth and exploration.

Elementary – The Best Educational Products in the World 

Adventure Academy – Age of Learning, creator of the award-winning ABCmouse Early Learning Academy, developed Adventure Academy—the world’s first premier (or “AAA”) educational massively multiplayer online game (MMO)—to help elementary and middle school age learners build critical knowledge of high-priority curriculum topics that are essential for success in school, in addition to building children’s self-confidence in and excitement about learning.

Focusing on language arts, math, science, and social studies, Adventure Academy offers thousands of highly engaging and effective learning activities in an immersive virtual world that kids 8-13 really love!

Aaron The Different- A Story of Courage, Acceptance, and Belonging – “Aaron the Different: A Story of Courage, Belonging and Acceptance” is an uplifting story of tolerance, belonging, hope, and being unique. Eight-year-old Aaron lives in a country called Premium on the planet Astron, but unlike his tall, perfectly purple family and friends, Aaron is round, small and green. His classmates tease him and won’t play with him because he’s different from all the other Premiums. Why won’t they accept him for who he is? His only friends are the sunmoonies and myrtledockers, strange and wonderful creatures who live in the forest and teach him the secrets of the mysterious underground caves and tunnels. When disaster strikes during a school field trip, Aaron is faced with the challenge of his life. Something changes everything, showing Aaron the value of his true inner strength, boosting his confidence, and inspiring the people of Premium forever. This uplifting story is a catalyst for important discussions with children and adults about respect, kindness, and acceptance. It teaches that we all possess unique skills and talents and have the power to make real positive change.

All-in-One Homeschool Curriculum – This award-winning digital solution for K-12 homeschooling is our favorite homeschool curriculum we’ve ever reviewed. Their curriculum is comprehensive and provides everything you need to educate your child from the comfort of your own home. With engaging lessons, interactive activities, and teaching guides for parents, it is the most cost-effective way to a fantastic education for your kids. For just $29.99 per grade (when on sale), it is a fantastic solution for parents that are looking for a complete curriculum without breaking the bank. The course work can be completed on a computer, tablet or by printing the lessons for your student. Learn more at

Baketivity Cake Pop Kit – With the Cake Pops kit, you get an all-in-one baking activity for your kids. It’s a complete experience – no need to find recipes, shop for exotic ingredients, or measure them. Just pop the ingredients into a bowl and voila! – delicious cake pops. With clear recipes, pre-measured ingredients plus some extra learning and fun, this is one baking experience that they’ll remember. While you enjoy your cake pops, learn all about atoms, what they’re made up of and enjoy a fun activity. One Cake Pops kit makes 10-12 cake pops.

Code Land – Coding for Kids – Code Land is an educational app that teaches coding to boys and girls. By playing games, in a very visual and fun way, children can learn basic skills for the 21st century, such as science, programming, logic, algorithms, etc. With Code Land, children will master basic coding concepts such as pattern recognition, problem solving, sequencing, logical thinking, loops, functions, conditionals, events.

Boddle by – Tailored for K-6 students, Boddle is an interactive game-based platform designed to boost your child’s math and english skills. As they venture into the different game modes, students are presented with adaptive questions and instructional videos. Your child will be charmed by the unique bottle-headed characters, emphasizing not just the importance of knowledge, but also the intrinsic value in recognizing the character and beauty within themselves and others. Each game round provides real-time insights, helping you pinpoint and address learning areas your child might be struggling with.

Bricks 4 Kidz believes learning should be fun, so we always make sure it is. Our LEGO®-based activities for kids run on the idea that every child can be a scientist or mathematician. Using LEGO® Bricks, our classes, parties and workshops explore real-world concepts related to physical science, engineering and technology, giving kids a chance to understand the forces and designs that power our world.
In our expertly designed LEGO® STEM enrichment classes, kids gain valuable knowledge of science and mathematics while developing problem-solving skills and collaborating with their peers. We also provide birthday parties, summer camps and special events where creativity can flourish with LEGO® free play. Every Bricks 4 Kidz program comes with everything you need to make learning fun.

Brushalot Tooth Fairy Kit is a “shiny” new way for kids to develop healthy oral hygiene habits and for families to create meaningful new Tooth Fairy traditions. Created by parents for parents and caregivers facing the “battle of the brush,” the kit motivates kids to want to brush and makes losing a tooth more magical. It features: “Adventures of Brushalot” hardcover storybook; plush toy horse, Incisor, with a saddle that keeps lost teeth safe; and a tooth-shaped nightlight that kids push to change color each time they brush. When a child loses a tooth, the nightlight glows “Brushalot blue” to signal the Tooth Fairy that a tooth is ready for pick up. The book follows General Floss, who leads her trusty teeth-saving team, including Sir Brushalot, to fight off Prince Plaque and his Tartar Troopers. It also includes activities and coloring pages and a tooth chart and dental visit log.

BYJU’S FutureSchool is an online learning platform that delivers individualized attention and guidance for children grades 1-12 through live, one-to-one teacher to student math, coding and music courses. The proprietary, activity-based curriculum focuses on active learning through the joy of creating and problem solving while maintaining children’s freedom to chart their own path, instilling grit, confidence, and communication skills to help them succeed in the classroom and beyond.

BYJU’S Learning App featuring Disney– BYJU’S Learning App featuring Disney helps your child build essential math, language, and reading skills through a personalized learning adventure alongside their favorite Disney characters from Frozen, Toy Story, Lion King, and more. With a library of over 2,500 activities, new concepts are made simple and fun through guided journeys that adapt to your child’s learning level and pace. Furthermore, parents get a real-time overview of their child’s learning journey through Progress Reports. Use the app on its own or pair it with our BYJU’S Magic Workbooks featuring Disney to extend the learning and motivate children to practice core concepts.

Created by educators, our content is aligned to state and national standards in addition to being kidSAFE certified and COPPA compliant.

BYJU’S Magic Workbooks featuring Disney– BYJU’S Magic Workbooks featuring Disney blend physical and digital tools to provide an interactive learning experience while building foundational skills alongside favorite Disney & Pixar characters. As part of each grade-level Premium Kit, your child receives a collection of Magic Workbooks for math, language, and reading with hundreds of interactive pages, an Osmo Base, Reflector, as well as a 1-year access to the BYJU’S Learning App featuring Disney, and more. Build on what your child learns in school by choosing one of 5 grade-level Premium Kits. Created by educators, our content is aligned to state and national standards, in addition to being kidSAFE certified and COPPA compliant.

Challenge Island is where engineering meets imagination! Over 5 million children have participated in Challenge Island STEAM programs which include afterschool classes, field trips, camps, parties, family events and more. This year we released the new Challenge Island STEAM Adventure book series which has received rave critical acclaim. Read more here:

Chalk-A-Word – Ready to chalk up your vocabulary, spelling, and memory skills? Then meet Chalk-A-Word, your next game night favorite that is oodles of F-U-N for everyone! Chalk-A-Word is an interactive game from SimplyFun where players add letters cards to build off of words created by their opponents. It stimulates cognitive function and memory while boosting spelling and vocabulary skills.

Chalk-A-Word is a great alternative to App word games while encouraging social interaction and minimizing screen time! Play in as little as 30 minutes with 2-5 players ages 8 and up.

Clay Sculpting Station – With this all-in-one air-dry clay kit, kids can build, sculpt and paint three animal sculptures or a mini clay pot! Featuring step-by-step instructions and a built-in kid-powered turn table, young artists can easily sculp and paint all sides of their creations. All washable paints, tools, and clay pack neatly into a storage case for easy clean up, storage and portability.

CodeMonkey is a leading coding for kids program. Through its award-winning courses, millions of students learn how to code in real programming languages. CodeMonkey offers an engaging and enjoyable curriculum for schools, after-school clubs and camps as well as self-paced online courses to learn coding at home.

Crayola Project Erasable Poster Markers – Parents and kids will rejoice as the #1 concern when creating poster board projects is solved with Erasable Project Makers! The specially designed eraser lets kids correct mistakes from poster board and won’t crumble or wear down! Each marker uses an ergonomic design with a comfort grip, perfect for every kid! Use the chisel tip nib for thick and thin lines – great for posters, signs and every type of school project.

Creative Builder Tall Crane Machinery Motorized Set – Children will take their engineering skills to the next level with the Creative Builder Tall Crane Machinery Motorized Set. This building set includes easy to follow instructions to build up to 3 realistic construction machine models. The innovative and versatile Engino building system allows constructing in 3 dimensions, sparking engineering creativity and critical thinking. It is the ideal introduction to STEM, emphasizing on Mechanical Science!

Critter Creator Fossil Kit – Play and learn with the Critter Creator Fossil Kit, a new STEAM-focused activity from Crayola. Build, paint and fossilize ten different little critters with air-dry clay. The kit includes molds to create dragonflies, spiders, hornets, scorpions, lady bugs and more. With ten paint colors, including four metallic, kids can give each bug a unique and creative design before preserving them forever. This STEAM-focused activity includes a reusable mat with real-life bug FAQs to learn about the bugs. The 11” X 17” mat also serves as a workstation, giving kids a home to play with or display their new critters.

Early Language Development – AAC, from Language Learning Apps, LLC – Early Language Development for AAC is a Windows based app meant to expand the grammar/language skills of nonspeaking children. It is a collection of 13 gamified activities giving students practice constructing phrases.

Guide to Homeschooling and the Best Homeschool Curriculum & Products on the Planet from How To Homeschool

FAMILY PASTIMES CO-OPERATIVE GAMES ™ – For over 50 years their co-op games have been praised for helping people of all ages develop the skills to play, work and learn together. That’s their slogan: PLAY TOGETHER NOT AGAINST EACH OTHER!

To learn more about their wide range of GAMES, PUZZLES AND MANUALS for ALL AGES AND SITUATIONS, view their complete and latest catalog with shopping available for your convenience.

Fictive Books – Fictive Books is a mobile interactive reading app for kids aged 8-12 that employs a story-first approach and hides the homework. Features include a branching narrative structure, collectible items that change the story, levels and achievements, a text-to-speech “read along” function, comprehension puzzles, plus images, short videos and music to inspire the imagination. Each story is packed with interactive fun, but most of the time spent in Fictive Books is simply reading!

Apple Store for iPhone and iPad

Google Play

GIGIL STEM Kits – GIGIL STEM Subscription Boxes bring STEM education to your doorstep, with 5 STEM hands-on activities and all the supplies you need to complete them! Just open up your STEM Kit and go (easy)! Our subscription boxes are available for kids in TK – 5th grade.

Glow Art Studio – Using the big, reusable surface and the unique light wand, kids can let their imaginations shine as they create glow-in-the-dark art! Kids can create free-hand drawings or use the included “under the sea” or “in the park” themed stencils. When the glowing masterpiece is complete, there is no clean up needed! Drawings will magically disappear over time so kids can create new light-art again and again for endless fun.

Glow Fusion Marker Coloring Set – It’s glow time! Hit the lights and color in the dark with the Glow Fusion Marker Coloring Sets! Using the specially formulated glow markers, kids can create masterpieces when the lights go out. Available with coloring pages in three glowtastic themes – Mythical Creatures, Monsters & Aliens, and Deep Sea Creatures – the markers and paper glow for up to four hours. A perfect nighttime activity where kids can color in the dark at sleepovers, parties, camping and more.

Heart and Mind Activities For Today’s Kids – Set children up for academic success with delightful activities that build confidence and nurture kids’ hearts and minds. This full-color activity book includes over 100 activities that support children’s well-being by helping them learn to manage emotions, reduce anxiety, and navigate social situations. The engaging activities include puzzles, coloring pages, games, art projects, and hands-on activities that help children:

• Gain mindfulness skills to build better friendships
• Learn empathy and understand other perspectives
• Develop tools to decrease anxiety and regulate emotions
• Become aware of feelings and how their words and actions affect other people
• Develop positive self-talk toward themselves

Happy and healthy kids are ready to learn and thrive! Incorporate these fun activities and life skills in your child’s day to support the academic journey.

Honeybee Life Cycle Specimens from Natura Toys – Introducing the Honey Bee Life Cycle Specimen from Natura. This little wonder has undergone a meticulous process to maintain its clarity and purity. It’s perfect for inspiring curiosity in kids and anyone who loves the natural world. Check it out and let the buzz begin!

Other options include Anthropods, Butterflies and more.

HUE Animation Studio is a approved, movie-making starter kit for children aged 7-13. It contains everything a budding animator needs to create stop motion movies using modelling clay, LEGO®, 2D drawings or a favorite toy:

• A colorful, flexible, HUE HD camera with a built-in microphone
• A 60 page, full-color, animation activity book with step-by-step instructions, tips and ideas
• HUE Animation software (designed by teachers)
• Digital resources and sound effects

The easy-to-use animation software allows children to edit images, record and import sound, add text and special effects and create time-lapse videos of plants growing, eggs hatching or “racing snails”.

Recommended by top child development expert, Dr. Amanda Gummer, this educational kit fosters creativity, collaboration and critical thinking while bringing hours of enjoyment to young film directors as they learn how to make movie magic.

Perfect for homeschooling, class projects and family fun. Find out more at

Incastro Colors – Incastro is an educational toy based on scientific principles, which can be tested at different levels. It is a useful teaching tool for all innovating teachers, educators and parents. Incastro is a toy that helps children develop their skills both during school hours and at home. Incastro offers educational activities using colors, shape and combinations of bricks. Colors 200 contains a preset number of pieces for each color. With each pack you can make more than 12 subjects. The packs are made of durable, reusable and box-shapes cardboard to easily collect the bricks. The instructions will help you and your child take the first steps.

Jennifer Swanson Books – Jennifer Swanson is the award winning author of over 45+ nonfiction books for children, mostly about science and technology. Jennifer’s love of STEM began when she started a science club in her garage at the age of 7. While no longer working from the garage, Jennifer’s passion for science and technology resonates in all her books. Her books have received many accolades including the starred reviews, Parents’ Picks Awards, Booklist Best Tech books list, Green Earth Book Honor Award, two Florida Book Awards, and multiple California Reading Association awards, and National Science Teaching BEST STEM awards. Her BRAIN GAMES book was even #13 on the The 50 Best Science books Ever Written.

Jennifer has a B.S. in chemistry from the U. S. Naval Academy and an M.S. Ed in K-8 science from Walden University. In addition to being an award-winning author, she is also a middle school science instructor for John Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth.

KIDPOD, the screen-free audio players for kids. Unleash stories and listen to children’s music! Every child wants to hear good stories. KIDPOD was created for your child to experience an authentic childhood, stimulate creative thinking, imagination and healthy development. When you listen attentively, images continuously form in the brain and that is the beginning of imagination, creativity, memory and concentration.

Less-Mess Painting Activity Kit – This all-in-one activity kit features five different less-mess painting activities so young kids can explore and experiment with stamping, stenciling, texture art, silhouette art and resist art. Featuring Crayola Washable Paint Sticks and Crayola Spill-Proof Washable Paint, these special less-mess paints won’t drip or spill, work with any paper and are washable from skin and fabric.

Little Passports offers one-of-a-kind activity kits that awaken kids’ curiosity about geography, culture, science and art. Through enriching globally-inspired activities, hands-on projects, and relatable characters, Little Passports ignites the imagination and opens the door to a new way to see the world and explore science. Designed in conjunction with professional educators, award-winning writers, and kid testers, Little Passports’ products have earned the company numerous awards from the National Parenting Publication, iParenting and Parents Choice. Founded in 2009, Little Passports now has five subscription kits and a line of complementary standalone toys, games and activities kits. To learn more, visit

Meet the Instruments of the Orchestra! This incredible, award-winning, music education series combines the popular Nirks® puppets with professional musicians from Portland Columbia Symphony to introduce young listeners to the instruments of the orchestra. Meet the Instruments is a part of our music education outreach program and is a FREE-to-watch series on:,, and Kidoodle.TV. Join Vincent and his Nirk friends as they each learn to play a musical instrument. Each episode features a different instrument of the orchestra and includes entertaining stories, cool duets, and musical demos! The series provides an up-close glimpse at how each instrument looks, works, and sounds. In the final episode, the Nirks and Portland Columbia Symphony perform a stunning orchestral piece together! Meet the Instruments is a fun and educational introduction to musical instruments, and a wonderful way to get kids excited about playing music!

SavannaScapes is a Social Sciences & Studies game that explores the incredible biodiversity of the Serengeti-Mara. The Serengeti spans 15,444 square miles of free-roaming wildlife in northern Tanzania and southwestern Kenya. On the Serengeti, you will discover that wildlife relies on the ecosystem for survival. A zebra for instance, needs grassland while a monkey needs woodland. Some animals need a combination of these habitats and their resources. With SavannaScapes, you’ll learn fun facts about the ecosystem of the Serengeti-Mara to support animals and help them thrive. Are you ready to go on a wild exploration? Players take turns moving around the play area choosing species tiles and placing them next to others to provide them with their needed habitats, creating an ecosystem. Point tokens are earned each time a player meets the needs of their animals or when an event tile is played. Great for 2-5 players ages 7+.

SOUNDSORY® uses a multi-sensory approach which combines sound with movement to stimulate the vestibular and auditory systems simultaneously. This integrated method provides a unique approach to sensory processing, emotional regulation and cognitive skill development.

Stanley Jr. Take A Part Dump Truck – A creative STEM kid’s construction truck set. Kids can develop their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving sills, and creativity.

UNIQUE – Take-apart toy dump truck
KID FRIENDLY – For ages 3+ yrs
CREATIVE – Complete 24-piece set with tool & figure
UNISEX – For boys or girls
HIGH-QUALITY – Non-toxic ABS plastic
MODULAR – Mix & match with other construction sets
FUN – Take it apart & put it together with the included plastic Phillips head screwdriver/wrench.

The Forest Box for Kids is a monthly subscription box of nature activities for ages 5-8 with parent help and for 9-12 independently. Each box contains an interactive nature journal, a nature skill, a nature craft, a recorded story that inspires and gear. Also includes how to videos, as well as written instruction.

ThinkStretch Summer Learning – ThinkStretch products are a complementary academic system that gives students a proven edge in education. Born from deep research, featuring engaging content, with a rewards based approach and material that aligns with curriculum, ThinkSTretch Summer Learning gives students a leg up over the summer, over long breaks, and over the long haul.

ThinkStretch is more than a workbook. It’s an outcome-driven system that incentivizes students to maximize their school experience. Simple to start and easy to use, it’s equipped with everything you, your school, students and parents need to be successful.


Tie-Dye Color Chemistry Lab Set – Crayola is back with more STEAM fun in the all-new Tie-Dye Color Chemistry Set! Packed with 50 fun and playful tie-dye experiments, kids can set up their own laboratory and learn how colors travel and transform. From color kaleidoscope to tie-dye shockwaves and volcanoes, this STEAM set will bring colorful fun to learning.

Tilli Learning Kit and Tilli App – Tilli is a life changing learning tool for 5-10-year-olds, that uses the power of behavioral sciences and the joys of play to build 8 essential life-long Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) skills during the single most crucial development window in a child’s life. Tilli was built at the Stanford School of Education with rigorous user-testing and SEL research to ensure that SEL was delivered effectively and measurably. Globally recognized by Lego and Playful Minds as one of the most innovative learning tools defining the “Future of Play” and by GSV Ventures (the largest venture fund for Edtech) as one of the world’s most innovative startups for 2022. Tilli is also a UNICEF Innovation Fund portfolio company. Tilli was recently awarded the ‘Launch Competition Award’ and the ‘Impact Award’ at the prestigious SXSW Edu 2023.

Truthbrush  – Truthbrush is the modern way to get kids to brush their teeth. The ultra-low cost Truthbrush Smart trackers make any toothbrush a smart toothbrush. They connect to any brush, manual or electric, any brand. Inside, the patented, high precision, 9-axis motion sensor works like a fitness tracker and maps the brushing strokes of your oral care routine. The industry leading Truthbrush app shows what you are doing well and the opportunities you have to improve – eliminating the guesswork from teeth brushing! The Truthbrush app further amplifies personalized oral care knowledge with social networking functionalities to make brushing more fun and interactive. Kids earn badges while Moms can send kudos to the kids celebrating achievements! You can even share your data with your dentist for better, more customized care plans. Truthbrush is the modern way to build better, preventive, oral care habits.

Tynker is the #1 coding platform in the world for ages 5 to 18 to learn computer programming. Over 60 million kids and 90,000 schools have learned to code in a fun and intuitive way through Tynker. Tynker is a self-paced coding platform that provides positive screen time for children of all experience levels. Tynker is designed to pique the interest of children by providing engaging and creative courses and projects. Tynker offers a built-in tutor, interactive explanations, and how-to video guides to promote progression through courses.

Washable Pop & Paint Watercolor Palette – Back with another less-mess paint set, the Washable Pop & Paint Watercolor Palette provides a unique all in one watercolor painting experience. Featuring 96 disposable watercolor paint chips, in 8 different colors, activate using water! Pop out the watercolor chips, place them in the palette and paint using the included refillable water brush. Parents will rejoice as the refillable water brush contains the mess, controls drops and spills and eliminates the need for a water cup. Included is a built-in cleaning pad that allows kids to clean the brush between colors and captures excess water.

Yeti, my friend – Yeti, my friend, is an interactive AI-based storytelling experience for children to build next-generation competencies through real-world topics. Selected to be a part of         **AI-first, Google for Startups Cloud program**, Yeti, my friend, envisions to help every child thrive and make a difference in a dynamic world.

At Yeti, my friend focuses on building and nurturing core competencies in children, such as:

  • The ability to create innovative solutions for new-age challenges.
  • The ability to care for self and others.
  • The ability to commit to life-long learning, self-improvement and improving the world around them.

A structured approach to build core competencies in children.  Leverages AI & ML for personalized and unique learning pathways, based on user readiness to learn, skill levels, interests and learning styles.  Playful “choose your own adventures” storytelling to promote fun and agency in learning, that bring application through real-world topics and contexts.

Started by Sudha Shankar, a mom and a product leader with 14+ years experience in product development, passionate about driving innovation in education through tech.

Middle & High School – The Best Educational Products in the World


All-in-One Homeschool Curriculum – This award-winning digital solution for K-12 homeschooling is our favorite homeschool curriculum we’ve ever reviewed. Their curriculum is comprehensive and provides everything you need to educate your child from the comfort of your own home. With engaging lessons, interactive activities, and teaching guides for parents, it is the most cost-effective way to a fantastic education for your kids. For just $29.99 per grade (when on sale), it is a fantastic solution for parents that are looking for a complete curriculum without breaking the bank. The course work can be completed on a computer, tablet or by printing the lessons for your student. Learn more at

BEZGAR Mini Drone HQ051 – Drone Toy with Cool Stunts: Perform eye-catching stunts like rotation and flips in 360-degree, which provides an exciting flying experience for kids. Press the three-speeds-level button on the 2.4Ghz non-interference remote, you could accelerate the hand drone to do the stunts with multiple players at the same time.

Career In STEM Explorer – Used by over 3 million students to date, the Career In STEM Explorer system is an online STEM career exploration system guaranteed to help your teenager discover an interesting STEM career in 9 seconds or less! Nearly 200 STEM careers to empower your teens to make their own decisions and build their resume through independent inquiry-based activities that mimic those of real STEM professionals.

CyberSurfer™ Curriculum is a K-12 program that helps keep your students safe while surfing the web, accessing social media, or watching YouTube. Our program goes beyond responsible connectivity topics and includes issues such as privacy, communication, and digital citizenship. Students will learn how to monitor their digital footprint, secure personal information, avoid phishing and online scams, and learn how to decipher fact from fiction online. Our CyberSurfer™ Online Curriculum keeps your kids safe online by teaching them how to avoid cyber issues and attacks.

Forbrain is a pioneering brain training device that helps children and teenagers of all abilities improve their speech, attention, and memory. After years of auditory stimulation research, our patented technology enhances the natural process of the auditory feedback loop. Simply put, this is how speech is continuously modified based on what you hear.

Forbrain modulates the voice to make it sound clearer and stimulates the brain, thus retraining your abilities. Using the device is easy and intuitive: simply wear the headphones and speak for about 20 minutes every day to boost your brain and learn better and faster.

KidsRead2Kids Presents… Amazing Tales! – Inside the colorful pages of KidsRead2Kids Presents… Amazing Tales, you will find: “Superheroes and role models to help you love reading, writing, and communicating, no matter what learning challenges you may face. Fun story starters, STEM activities, puzzles, and lessons learned from relatable kids who know what it’s like to struggle in school and let you in on their secrets for success. As a lifelong educator, I’d be hard pressed to think of a more positive, proactive, compelling guide for young learners who want to realize their dreams, or will be motivated to realize their dreams, once they’ve gotten hooked on “Amazing Tales!” Parents, teachers, and administrators take note! This book is a must-have for all the young people in your life.” –Dr. Julie M. Wood, Former Director of the Jeanne Chall Reading Lab, Harvard Graduate School of Education.


Learning Language Arts Through Literature is a complete language arts program for first through twelfth grade. The curriculum uses quality literature to teach all language arts skills, including reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and more.

Grades 1 – 8 include a teacher’s book that is written in a conversational format, making it easy to use with little or no preparation time. Student Activity books keep the student’s work together and contain additional activities. Daily lessons take about 20 to 30 minutes a day. The curriculum is Charlotte Mason inspired, utilizing a weekly dictation of an excerpt from classic literature.

The Gold Books, for Grades 9 – 12, offer four full high school credits. The Gold Books are excellent college prep and will introduce students to a vast amount of classic literature. Students working through the Gold Books are encouraged to work independently, with lessons that take about 30 to 40 minutes a day.

Missing Lynx game from One Planet Games, LLC– Rescue endangered animals by traveling the world, gathering information, sharing clues and solving the mystery. The faster you can figure out who is safe and who is not, the sooner the animals can live wild and free. Become a master of deduction and inferencing while navigating whether to share information to gain points or keep it private in the hopes of a bigger pay off. You will be so focused on rescuing the animals you may not even notice how many fascinating new facts you learn about the animals, food sources and habitats along the way. Every game is a new adventure.

Skillmatics – Guess in 10 Animal Planet– Guess in 10 Animal Planet has quickly become a top 5 card game on Amazon with a 4.7 rating and over 18,000 reviews! Play one-on-one or divide yourselves up in teams, ask up to 10 questions to guess the animal on your opponent’s Game Card. Is it a carnivore? Is it a domestic animal? Ask intelligent questions and be the first player to win 7 Game Cards. Make use of strategic features such as Clue Cards and Bonus Questions. This strategic trivia game can be played with 2 to 6 players; average playtime is 20 minutes.

PLAY IT ANY TIME ANY PLACE – Includes 50 Game Cards, 6 Clue Cards and a handy box to store it all. The box size is portable & travel friendly. Perfect for game nights, gatherings, birthday parties, play dates, road trips, plane trips, outdoors, and more!

BUILD KEY SKILLS – Guess in 10’s age-appropriate content and gameplay builds key skills such as Communication, Decision Making, Problem Solving and Creative Thinking Skills.

Skillmatics Rapid Rumble – Fast Paced Category Game: Roll the die, set the timer, and get ready to rumble! Quickly shout out answers for the categories and be the first one to finish your deck of Letter Cards. Discover Animals, Things, Culture, Science and Nature with 120 category cards. It takes just minutes to learn, it’s a quick play and will have the whole family laughing.

Fun For the Whole Family: An exciting addition to Family Game Night that can be thoroughly enjoyed by ages 6 and up!

How to Play: Roll the die, pick up a category card and race with players to think of answers for the chosen category and get rid of as many letter cards from your hand as you can. The first one to get rid of all their letter cards wins the game.

Includes: 120 Category Cards, 100 Letter Cards, 1 Wooden Die, 1 Timer & Instruction Manual


Spoof – BE CREATIVE *& FOOL YOUR FRIENDS: “Spoof” your friends by making up clever, fake answers to fun trivia such as “_______ is the national bird of Japan.” “_______ is illegal to have on your porch in Arizona.” “The average American drinks 300 ounces of _______ each month.” Be careful–the correct answers are often NOT what you expect!

Tales2go Audiobooks – Tales2go is a subscription audio book service for K12 schools providing instant, unlimited, and simultaneous access to over 12,000 high-interest audio book titles from leading publishers to use on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices at school and home. Tales2go is used in a growing number of schools and districts across the U.S., including Santa Barbara USD, Berkeley USD and Heartland AEA.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Best Educational Products in the World. We really think these products are spectacular and hope you enjoy them as much as our product testers did!